Grilled cheese is a satisfying dish with all the buttery crunch and the melted goodness inside it. This can be the comfort food anyone, anytime. But mostly, we tend to have grilled cheese for a quick breakfast or a snack.

Do you know with some simple addition, you can make grilled cheese a properly filling dinner? As grilled cheese is rich food, some light food, including fruits and veggies, can make you a balanced meal. Let’s check out what to eat with grilled cheese?

What Is Grilled Cheese?

Grilled cheese or grilled cheese sandwich is a kind of hot sandwich. It is made with one or several types of cheese inside two pieces of bread. While cooking it with animal fat such as butter, the cheese melts inside the bread. It is served when the bread turns golden brown and crispy.

The preparation and the cooking process is so easy that it is comfort food for many people. Grilled cheese is ideal for snakes, but it can also be a proper meal for dinner or lunch with some side dishes.

What to Eat With Grilled Cheese: Main Dish Ideas?

Other than adding dishes to complete grilled cheese as a meal, do you know you can actually make grilled cheese as the main filling dish as well? And you only have to make certain small changes to the old recipe to do it. Let’s see some of those recipes.

  1. Adding Protein: Adding protein or meat can enhance the grilled cheese’s flavor to a whole new level. And the only change you have to make to the recipe is that add ground meat to bulk up the sandwich. You can add one layer of meat or a double-layer before and after you add the cheese. And the main dish is ready.
  2. Adding Vegetables: If you want your grilled cheese a bit healthier, you can add veggies and make it your main dish. Add your favorite vegetables, and in this case, the possibilities are endless. You can add tomato, mushroom, spinach, asparagus, etc. Firstly, sauté the vegetables with some butter on your pan before you start making the sandwich. Keep it aside and add them on top of the cheese. It is a wonderful mixture of rich and light food.
  3. Four Cheese Grilled cheese: This is a special kind of grilled cheese created for the grilled cheese day. In this sandwich, four kinds of cheese are used along with some veggies. For this reason, this is a very rich and filling dish itself. The cooking process is similar to vegetable grilled cheese, you just have to pile up the cheese one after one four-time. And add the sautéed vegetable after that.

What to Eat With Grilled Cheese: Side Dish Ideas?

A bite of a perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwich can give you the satisfaction of ultimate comfort food. But you certainly need to pair it up with something else to make a perfect dinner.

A grilled cheese sandwich is rich food, some light ingredients with it can make a perfectly balanced meal. So let’s check out some of the side dishes.

  1. Tomato Soup: Grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup as a side dish is a classic combination. It is easy to cook and makes your sandwich tastes a whole lot better. Dipping the cheesy goodness into a creamy bowl of soup is a perfect blend of rich and light food balance. You will find very few people who do not like this combo.
  2. Salad: If you are health-conscious and feel a little guilty about eating a grilled cheese sandwich alone, pairing it up with salad is perfect for you. It is light and refreshing. Adding your favorite fruits and veggies can create a new and uplifting flavor. You can also add chicken with your preferred seasoning as well as dressing. This kind of salad alone can make your dining experience to a new level.
  3. Sweet Potato Fries: Here is another exquisite side dish to pair up with grilled cheese. Many people argue that French fries are the best combo with this sandwich. But as we said earlier, we are pairing light dishes as a side dish with grilled cheese because grilled cheese itself a rich food. Along with it, sweet potato fries are a much better option.

You can also add dill pickles for a sweet and sour taste in the same meal. It will add a wonderful tart flavor to your meal.


What to eat with grilled cheese sandwiches?

Tomato soup, pickles, fries can be eaten with a grilled cheese sandwich.

What to eat with grilled cheese and tomato soup?

French fries are a good option if you do not have any problem with so many rich foods.

What to eat with pizza grilled cheese?

You can choose a salad for a good balance.

What to dip grilled cheese in?

Tomato sauce or mustard sauce. 

What goes with grilled cheese for breakfast?

Sweet potato fries are the best option to choose from for breakfast.

What meat to eat with grilled cheese?

Beef, chicken, turkey, any kind of meat can be eaten.

What soup goes with grilled cheese?

Tomato soup is the best soup to pair it with.

What can you use besides butter for grilled cheese?


What is four-cheese grilled cheese?

It is a special kind of grilled cheese where four kinds of cheese are used to make.

Can you use an iron to make grilled cheese?

Yes, certainly, you can.

Can you make grilled cheese in Panini press?

Yes, you can.

Final Thought

Most probably now you have an idea about what to eat with grilled cheese in lunch or dinner. Or even when you want a large snack. There are very few food items that can compete with this combination.

Though it is not considered a super healthy food, it is not bad to eat something you love often. So eat it without guilty to give yourself a treat from time to time.