Once we were at a dinner party, and our party’s center of attraction was the newly-bought grill. It was perfect for our BBQ parties, and we had the best hot dogs!

However, one of our friends was frustrated, and he shared that he could not figure out the proper size grill comparing with the available cooking space. He was asking – what size grill do I need to buy? And many of us face this problem before buying our grill.

Fret not! We are here to give you the total suggestion and buying guide to save your every penny. 

What Is the Standard Grill Size?

The ideal size of the grill can be different from buyers to buyers according to what they really want. Consider how frequently you will use this grill and how many people you want to feed frequently with this grill. It’ll help to determine the right size of the grill that you need to purchase.

Understanding the size of the cooking area: The grill size is measured in square inches. Before buying, you should know the cooking area of grills includes the cooktop area and warming racks. So, the actual grill grate size is less than the figure that you see on the package. 

Determining the right grill size: Three-burner gas grills typically feature 450-500 square inches, which are perfect for a family of 4-5 members. It is sufficient for an average household. You can make up to 20 hamburgers at once with this one.

If you’re going to use it for only 1-2 people, then 200 square inches seems quite adequate. If you are to entertain often or have a large family, you’ll need 550-650 square inches of grilling space. However, you can add a side burner, which will increase the cooking capacity.

If you’re buying a griller for the first time, 450-550 square inches will definitely be a good option for you. However, a larger griller is better for indirect cooking as there is more space to keep the food. Foods such as whole chicken potato roast are better cooked in indirect heat.

How to Find A Perfect Grill Size Like A Professional?

Grill size is the most important factor while buying a grill. Now, the question arises, how to choose it like a pro? Well, it is quite simple. There may be hundreds and thousands of grill sizes in the market, but the cooking area determines the ideal one. For this reason, you need to know what you want to achieve with your grill.

And what might that be? It depends on the number of people you are feeding and how frequently you are using it. For instance, if you have a small family that frequently enjoys a BBQ party for relaxing, then a medium-sized grill will be just right. On the other hand, if you are inviting a whole crowd of 12-15 people every weekend, then a large grill will be perfect. Again, if you plan to use your grill for camping site BBQs, make sure you pick a portable one that fits in your car. 

If you ask – what size grill do I need, it depends on how frequently you use the grill. If you are one of those who like to use your grill on only important holidays like Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas, you should buy one that could be stored easily. 

Here, the location of your BBQ party is also very important. It could be your outdoor kitchen in the backyard or your balcony. It could also be held at a camping site. No matter where you do it, make sure that it meets the need of that specific site. It should not make the atmosphere more stuffed than it already is.

What Size Grill Do You Need?

Since there is no such blueprint for everyone, you have to personalize which size grill you want. Do you have time to keep your guest wait? Do you mind spending it on your grill? Do you have enough space? So, the right size can cater to your bbq party. 

When you choose the wrong sized grill, you need to spend a lot of time in cooking. So, it is quite necessary to find out which one size is best. So, there are quite many factors in deciding how big of a grill do you need. 

How many burgers fit on a grill?

If you grill your foods in a congested way, the taste will not be top-notch. And you will face various problems like you could not toss them around easily. So, we recommend that there should have some extra space, and so you can add more food items later according to your need.

The Grill Surface Area

Are you always in the mood of being a host of parties? Or Are you up for cozy, intimate meals with your family members? If you belong to the prior group, you should go for at least 600 square inches cooking area. 

And if you are in the latter one, 400 or 500 square inches cooking area will be enough. 

Consider the shelves

Many people tend to get confused about the sizes dedicated to each shelf. 

The top shelves add extra space to the grill. But remember, the top shelves are for indirect cooking. So, if you need the area (written in the manual) for direct heat cooking, you cannot consider the size devoted to top shelves. Again, if your grill has side shelves or side tables, you can put things on them.

Two heat zones cooking

Consider two zones for various types of cooking – direct heat and indirect heat. Generally, for grilling larger food, you will need an indirect heat zone. And the small ones or veggies need to be cooked on high heat. Keep in mind that you will need a separate area for the indirect heat zone. So, think about the space!

How many burners should a grill have?

Though the number of burners of your grill totally depends on your need, it should have at least two burners. 2 burners are sufficient for 4 persons or more. 3 burners are okay for 8-10 persons. And if you want to have parties with more people, there are 4 and 6 burners for you.

But having fewer than 3 burners can cause an uneven distribution of heat to food. So it can affect the taste of meat. Moreover, it’ll not let you cook more than one food at the same time. The burners mustn’t be too close to meat because it may burn the meat piece.

Remember, the more burners you have, the more diversity you can assimilate. That means if you have more burners, you can have different levels of heat at the same time and diversify your cooking.

So, four or six burners give you the flexibility to cook a diversified menu for a big party with less time. Moreover, it’s easy for indirect cooking if you’ve more burners. Indirect cooking means the burner below the food is off, and the food is being cooked with the convection of heat from other burners. When you’ve more burners, you’ll have more space to keep your food. 

So, we’ll suggest that a grill should have 3 to 6 burners according to your budget and other need.

How to Choose the Perfect Sized Charcoal Grills

If you want to go for simplicity and affordability, the coal grills should be on your list. They go hand in hand. Generally, a gas grill possesses various parts like gas burners, hoses, valves, tanks, ignition systems, etc. 

On the other hand, a charcoal grill is all about a container for coals, grates, and lid. Though the cooking on a gas grill is simple, the set-up is more complex. You have to be cautious about any leakage in the propane tank. But you won’t get the punch of smoky flavor from the gas grill. But keep in mind that maintaining the heat of the charcoal grill is quite tricky. 

When you are thinking about buying a charcoal grill, you have to set some goals. First of all, what size grill do I need?

Then, you have to consider what you are planning to use it for. Do you want the grills just occasionally? Or do you want to serve all the neighbors with your turkey-grilled dishes? 

The budget and space also put impacts on your buying options. Let us check out the following factors to help you make sense of your options.

Types of a charcoal grill

There are mainly three types – the kettle, the barrel and the ceramic grills. Each one has its particular strength and sizes. 

Kettle Grills

These are relatively small. They come in generally 22 inches in diameter or 363 square inches. So, you can cook around 12 to 15 burgers without overcrowding. Again, if you want to serve the whole community, there are 26 inches, and even 36 inches grills are available too. The kettle grills are both affordable and versatile. 

Barrel Grills

The barrel grills are larger. They generally start from 36 inches long with 435 sq inches area, which is quite spacious for grilling. They are mainly for having big batches. On the contrary, if you are a newbie in this sector, go for the kettle grills. 

Ceramic Grills

These are going to cost you a good amount of money. They have a superior heat control system, which is quite necessary for barbecuing and smoking. They come in different sizes for either cooking four burgers or forty burgers. The range will depend on your necessity.

How Much Can I Cook on a Grilla Grills Smoker?

The Grilla grills come with a total space of 630sq inches. The upper cooking grate is around 142sq inches, and the main grate is around 346sq inches. You can get an extension grate, which is around 142sq inches. 

This grill is suitable for family reunions. You can cook four 12 to 15-pound briskets, five 8-pound Boston butts, five baby back ribs, 14 rib eyes, 15 burger patties. 

Some tips on choosing the right grill:

  • The grills with heat diffusers allow even heat distribution.
  • The good seal on the lids is a must for avoiding heat escape. 
  • It is good to have removable racks to increase the area of headspace.
  • If your grill has side tables, you can prepare your foods on them. 
  • It is crucial to assure that your deck or patio can accommodate your new grill’s wingspan before purchasing. 
  • Generally, if your propane grills have 100 BTUs per square inches, they will work for you. BTU or British Thermal Units is a technical and traditional method where 1 BTU is the energy needed to heat 1 pound of water by 1°F.
  • Natural lump charcoal is 100 percent wood, which will burn cleaner and last longer.
  • A rule of thumb – consider around 72 square inches for per person.
  • Another rule of thumb – keep at least 25 percent of your grill racks clear all the time. 

Final Words

Let’s amp up our outdoor cooking in this summer with a good grill! You cannot get a single answer of – what is a good grill? Because it varies from person to person. You have to make various decisions, and the first one is size. And ask yourself before purchasing – what size grill do I need. And let us know which grill you have bought for your parties! 

Happy Grilling!