When you see the word “broil” in a recipe, I believe, you get confused with it. A few questions play in your mind at that time.

Are broil and grill the same thing? What is the Difference between Broil and Grill?

If you hear the word for the first time, you might be thinking about what broil is?

Well, I am here to remove all confusion. I will share the difference between broil and grill through this article. Both use powerful direct heating cooking methods and have plenty of differences.

Let’s learn more from below.

What is Broiling?

What is the Difference between Broil and Grill- What is Grill_

Broiling is a cooking method that allows you to roast food from the top instead of the bottom. The source of the heat can be gas, oven, charcoal, or wood. This cooking method is mostly used in the oven or other special type of grill. One essential thing you will need to remember that all oven types are not suitable for broiling. Also, all oven models don’t have this feature.

When you require delicious charred caramelized flavor in your food, you can choose the broiling cooking method. However, you will not get grilling flavor in this cooking technique that you get from grilled food. Besides, the smokiness is reduced in broiling, so smoky flavor is unavailable in beef steaks or patties.

The broiling method has many benefits. It is an excellent indoor cooking technique and doesn’t require ventilation too. Furthermore, if you are unable to afford a grill, it is a great choice.

What is Grilling?

What is the Difference between Broil and Grill-Grilling

Many of us are much familiar with the grilling cooking technique. In this process, the food gets roasted by the dry heat source positioned at the bottom. Since grilling and broiling are quite similar cooking methods, significant differences are not there in terms of taste. The grilling process doesn’t require an oven, and the direction of the heat is from the bottom.

Grill pans, griddles, grills are the accessories for grilling. As stated earlier, the taste of grilling food is similar to broiling food, but you will get the extra smoky flavor in grilled food.

Remember, the grill creates a lot of smoke. As a result, it requires proper ventilation. Outdoor is the best location to make food following this cooking method. It means it is a suitable choice for an outdoor party, not an indoor one.

Comparison Chart – What is the Difference between Broil and Grill?

Outdoor cooking for charred, heated food with “grill” flavor.Indoor cooking for charred, caramelized foods.
Deep uninterrupted heat from charcoal or propane.Intense direct heat from oven broiler.
Cooking temperature can easily be controlled.Oven’s thermostat controls cooking temperature.
Fat and grease can drip away due to the grate.Preheated broiler pan allows fat and grease to drip away.
Remember to keep a close eye to avoid overcooking.Prevent overcooking or burning of the food by checking the food time to time.

Difference Between Broil and Grill – In-depth Discussion

By now, we have gathered enough information about both the broil and grill. Now, let’s look at the in-depth difference between broiling and grilling.

The Temperature

Since the broiling process is done in an oven, which means controlling the temperature is easy in this process. If you think it is pretty helpful, remember that it is a misconception. The truth is, it all depends on your oven. There are a few models of oven available that turn off automatically after reaching a specific temperature.

The broiling process requires continuous direct heat. If the oven turns off automatically, then an oven is not a helpful device for this process. Open the oven door 1”or 2” to keep your broiler uninterruptedly warm. This way, some heat escapes from the oven. And the oven doesn’t get turned off since the temperature doesn’t reach its highest level.

If you don’t follow the above process, the food will boil in its liquid instead of broiling. Don’t forget, broiling needs continuous heat, and keep the food item 4” – 6” away from the heat source.

On the other hand, temperature control is not in your hand in the grilling process.


The machine needs to be preheated before you add foods to a grill. Similarly, in broiling, the surface on which you place the food is also required preheating. And the surface is known as a broiling pan. The pan lets the grease drips away, and the meat surface becomes perfectly seared. However, flipping the food is mandatory in the middle of both cooking process to get evenly cooked food.

Oven broiling pan, oven roaster, and broiler roaster is the other name of broiling pan.

Keeping Close Eye on the Food

The thumb rule of any cooking method is, keeping a close eye to get evenly cooked food. No exception of this statement is acceptable in the grilling and broiling process. Thus, you can avoid overcooked or burnt food. If you are not careful, food can burn or catch fire easily.

Smoke Reduction

If your grill party is in the front yard or open space, smoke will never make any problem, so grilling is the best cooking trick in outdoor. In contrast, a broiler is best for an indoor party. Also, don’t plan to arrange an indoor party if you own an electric grill. Smoke created by grill will invade your house, and the attendees will not feel comfortable.

Now, are you thinking about how I can reduce smoke in the grilling process?

Follow the below to reduce smoke when grilling

  • Cut down of the excess fat from meat
  • Cut back on oil-based marinades
  • Keep a close eye on the food to prevent overcooking

You will not get grilled flavor from the broiling food

Which One is Better from Broiling Vs Grilling

Choosing between broil and grill entirely depends on your preference. Hopefully, with the above-discussed differences, you will be able to understand the benefits and drawbacks of grill and broil. Just one thing you have to remember

  • Choose broil when you plan to arrange an indoor party.
  • Choose grill when you plan to arrange an outdoor party.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I broil instead of the grill?

If you don’t have a grill in your home and own an oven, you can broil your food instead of the grill. However, you will not get the same smoky flavor as you get in a grilled food. But an adequately broiled food will be delicious.

Is broiling and grilling the same?

Broiling and grilling is a quite similar cooking process. Both need an intensive heat source. The difference is that the heat source stays at the below in the grilling and the heat source stays above of the food in broiling.

What food items are best for broiling?

Broiling works best on the below food items
• Thin cuts of meat.
• Fish cutlets and seafood.
• Tender fruits such as mango, pineapple, etc.
• Some vegetables like onion, tomato halves, etc.
Make sure to flip your food halfway to avoid burning.

Final Thought

In a nutshell, both grilling and broiling offer delicious food with excellent flavor. Light roasting of the food is the prime characteristic of broiling. It is cheaper and non-smoky as well. On the flip side, grilling delivers concentrated roasting of food. This cooking technique is smoky-flavored a bit expensive.

Undoubtedly, both cooking method is excellent. After reading this “what is the difference between broil and grill,” choose any of them that you like most between broil vs. grill.