The perfect outdoor cooking kitchen is complete with a large countertop, sink, and well-thought-out cooking equipment.

If you are looking to step up your outdoor cooking game with outdoor appliances, you need to think about functionality and convenience. Because without the perfect appliances your cooking is like the beach volleyball game without the sunglasses.


A well-stocked outdoor kitchen saves you the back and forth between the main kitchen and the grilling area.

Here, you want fun additions that make outdoor cooking hassle-free and painless. Whether it’s a kettle-style grill, pizza oven, or ice maker, outdoor cooking accessories should add to the useability of your outdoor kitchen.

I share with you everything you need to complete your outdoor cooking equipment arsenal in today’s post.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Pick Your Perfect grill

The ideal grill fits in with your style, how many people you serve, how often you grill, and how much you enjoy the outdoor grilling process. If you grill every week, it’s okay to go in with a high-end model, but if you only do it twice a year, a cheap grill is all you need.

There are different types of grills and fuel sources. Every fuel source has its pros and cons regarding the overall flavor of food you cooked.

charcoal grill

Charcoal grills are a favorite of grill masters because it adds a rich smoky flavor that everyone craves in their grilled food. Charcoal also burns hotter than gas which means better searing and caramelization.

Charcoal grills are similar to a wood-burning stove in the way it’s operated. The air intake and exhaust are located at the bottom of the grill, making it easy to control the temperature. This means consistent temperature, which results in evenly cooked meals every time.

Gas Grills

gas grill

Gas grills offer fast and quick ignition with the push of a button and the turn-of-a knob for heat control. If you’d rather not deal with a chimney starter and messing around with hot and cool spots, a gas grill is an ideal choice for you.You can also use gas grill in the beach.

Combination Grills

There’s a third category of gas grills that allow you to add charcoal or wood chips for smoke flavor. This type of grill offers you the best of both worlds.

When buying an outdoor grill, it’s important to look for one that has a sturdy build and ample space for side dishes.

Outdoor Smoker

outdoor smoker

If you grill but want to do some smoking on the side, a smoker grill is an excellent investment.

But if you do a lot of smoking, you may want to consider a smoker or smokehouse. This type of unit gives you the ultimate control because it is designed specifically for smoking. You can use it for hot and cold smoking of fish, sausages, and different cuts of meat.

Outdoor Oven

outdoor oven

Every grill master knows that mastering a fire is not enough to entertain guests. You need to throw in a few surprises like pizza made in a wood-fired pizza oven. It may feel like a splurge, but pizza ovens are accessible now more than ever.

The essential thing to know when using a wood-fired oven is that you can only use hardwoods and wood chips that are not stained or treated. Otherwise, you may add harmful chemicals to food.

Outdoor Cooking Stove

outdoor stove

It’s not as popular as the grill, but an outdoor stove is an ideal choice for any cooking process, including buttery corn on the cob, soup, stew, boiled veggies, and hot drinks.

Outdoor stoves are either freestanding or tabletop models. You also get to choose between one or two burners as well different BTUs.

If you are cooking for a large group of people, a stove with at least 20,000 BTUs per burner is ideal. For a small group, you can get away with 10,000 BTUs per burner.

Grilling Gadgets

grilling equipment

Your meat needs an instant-read thermometer to know it’s properly cooked, while kebabs need perfect skewers to prevent them from falling off.

When it comes to the complete grilling experience, there are pieces of equipment you can’t cook without.

My favorite outdoor cooking accessories include:

Smart Meat Thermometer – It connects to an app and tracks the meat’s temperature and the temperature inside a grill or smoker.

Griddle and Press – I like using a cast-iron press and griddle because it cuts down the cooking time by up to 50%.  Cast-iron distributes heat evenly, and it maintains a high temperature for a decent time. It gives meat the perfect sear.

Portable Grill Set- From tongs to a basting brush, every tool you need for grilling is easily accessible when it comes to a portable grilling set.

Cookware set – An even-heat, outdoor cookware set is ideal for preparing quick meals like breakfast, eggs & bacon, and soup. It should be made of sturdy material like stainless steel. The set should include a cutting board, spatula, serving spoons, trivets, pots, and pans.

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub – If you want to track your grill’s temperature away from the grilling, you will love the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub. The hub is compatible with any grill, so you don’t have to own a Weber.

Multiple Skewers Set – Are you constantly misplacing skewers? A set of skewers allows you to cook evenly, and you never have to worry about losing them.

Chimney Starter – What would I do without a chimney starter. It is perhaps the easiest and most effective method for starting charcoal pieces. You don’t need self-igniting liquid to light charcoal. The device heats lumps pieces and briquettes without any hassle.

Add Fruit Wood for Flavor

cherry in serving spoon

A unique smoke flavor on a gas grill or charcoal grill is to die for. I like cooking over fruit woods since they add sweet smokey notes to my BBQ. My favorites are Cherry, Sweet Chestnut, Oak, Orange, and Maple.

You can cook with wood chips or make charcoal by burning fresh wood for a more distinct flavor. 

Pick your Outdoor Appliances


A whole outdoor experience is not complete without beverages. That’s where a weather-safe coffee machine or blender comes in. You can make all sorts of drinks with the help of these two appliances.

Next time you set up your outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to bring a blender, coffee machine, or both.



Serve your guests in style with unique tableware. I’m talking about stuff like a fruit infusion flavor pitcher like the Prodyne to laminated glass plates that fit the outdoor setting. It’s best to go for break-resistant and non-disposable tableware that is also light enough that you can pass around.

Coolers and Chillers


Dining al fresco gets better when you have chilled drinks on the ready. The last thing you want is to worry about how you are going to keep things cold. That’s why you need to invest in a built-in mini-fridge or cooler.

An excellent cooler for your deck can have features like a bottle opener, wheels, and even speakers for entertainment.

Professional Outdoor Cooking Equipment

proessional cooking

Now, it’s one thing to fire up the grill on weekends, and it’s a different game altogether when cooking at a bistro or restaurant. Here, you are looking at commercial outdoor grills, gas stoves with more than two burners, and smokehouses instead of a simple smoker.

When you use the best outdoor equipment for commercial use, your customers will love your mouth-watering meals and crunchy pizza because such equipment is reliable.


To sum it all up, outdoor cooking equipment is essential if you want to create mouth-watering sizzling slabs of meat plus unforgettable potato wedges.

I’ve put together this guide to help home cooks and professionals narrow it down to the essential accessories you can buy at any outdoor cooking equipment store.

Stocking up on these items is just the beginning of a brilliant outdoor cooking experience.

And isn’t that what you want?