It is obvious that the more days we are passing on, we are producing more pieces of aluminium. The resource of it turns out less explorable, so what we may do is to recycle it and minimize the expenditure of manufacturing it.

So the core thing to know “Is aluminum foil recyclable?” If so, then we should conduct an analysis on whereabouts the recycling process and how we may save it more for futures.

This article will let you know about it and more specifically, how we save this valuable piece of sheet. We everyone plays a significant role to save it for the future so make sure we know it.

Why Should You Stop Throwing Out Your Aluminum Foil?

In each year Americans threw away the sheer number of crushing cans and the worth would be up to $700 million. The aluminium market is expanding as well and currently is worth $800 million.

If we sort out the answer of why we should stop wasting them is because of stop exploration, which is expensive and time-consuming.

For example, we may not run out of aluminium from the earth’s crust because they are abundant. But we may run out of money to excavate them.


Because the particles where aluminium comes from is called bauxite. While mining it, excavators need to purify the materials from arsenic the process of refining it is energy-intensive thus expensive. So the alternative way is to stop mining as much as we can and recycle the existed number of pieces of aluminium sheets around us.

You may ask, is aluminium foil biodegradable? The answer is, no, it is not. Aluminum is not biodegradable. And it takes 80-200 years to decompose if it is thrown in the nature.

Is Aluminum Foil Recyclable?

Fortunately, aluminium material is the most recyclable particles, so if you throw it, this would be a loss. Because the thrown cans easily get lost from the landfills.

Today, we are using 75% of aluminium that we have used before. Amazingly, we can use it over and over again, and this won’t make the sheet of aluminium unworthy of using for further purposes.

As we said that US people throw a huge piece of aluminium sheet, so you may guess the scope of saving them. Even if we save half of them, then the price of this valuable sheet will turn out half, which is insane!

Aluminium waste materials are two types commonly. One of the types is easy to recycle, which is devoid of grease or oily substances, and another kind of aluminium piece is fully indulged in oily substances. However, both of these kinds possibly turn out a new piece of sheet, so we should stop throwing all of them.

Possible usage of Aluminum Foil in different ways:

Aluminium used in a large number for packaging for commercial purposes mostly. Here are some of the possible categories we sort out so have a look at them:

Food Consumption: Aluminum sheets remarkably safeguard the food and keep them intact for a long time. That is why, when we order any food, the restaurant always packs the food within it. We love to eat hot and fresh food once it is prepared and to use the aluminium packaging, we can insanely save the food grades

Insulation: You may surprise to know how much reflective a sheet of aluminium paper would be, which is up to 88% according to the thermal unit. It is a perfect barrier and thus used in a great number for the vapor barrier. Furthermore, it is highly reflective in terms of heat exchange insanely.

Electronics: To ensure safety and for compact storage of any electronics products, the aluminium used remarkably and possibly the only substance that is come to safeguard it. The foil wraps up with the capacitors in every electronic product and protects the electrical passage. More specifically, it works as an oxide coating for electrical equipment.

Is Aluminum Foil Recyclable

How to Recycle Aluminum Foil: A Better Way to Recycle Dirty Aluminum Foil

Aluminium is produced or recycled in the almost the same order that is to melt down the crust within rolling the slabs. In the rolling mill, aluminium is produced based on different thicknesses.

To make sure the perfect thickness, the manufacturer man is screening the rolling mill sensors to see the ideal of whether the exact pressure is ensured or not. When they get to see the pressure is not accurate, then adjust the roller pressure to avoid breakage.

Here are the common ways to recycle aluminium foil (excluding the dirty aluminium foil)

Step 1:

In the very first stage, the foil should not clean up using hot water as it causes fading away from the color. Commonly in the recycling system, some foil paper goes into the trash when they get to see the foil is heavily indulged in grease, meat, gravy, or butter.

Step 2:

So in the second stage, the foil goes for the recycling process after screening the test. By the way, there are some places like Seattle where you can directly send your foil to the manufacturer, sounds great indeed. So get back to the process, and this process, the recycler will squeeze the foil like a ball; therefore, the paper won’t be torn out once it will be stuck in the machine. They carefully form the ball which has to be 2 inches in diameter.

How to Recycle Aluminum Foil?

The way to recycle dirty aluminium is pretty tricky, expensive, and time-consuming. For that, they basically use the ultrasonic cleaning method. Let’s take you and examine how they exactly do in this way.

The process is expensive and barely used in high numbers. However, it is possible to clean the dirtiest piece of aluminium sheet. But how?

Well, firstly, the foil soaks into the ultrasonically activated tank in a vertical order. There the process is pretty specified in a laboratory-grade order. Within the liquid, currents activate there to avoid any distortion. We mentioned above that in a natural process of recycling, the oily foil distorted this is why this process ensures it not to get torn apart.

So, once the foil soaks into it, there would be some defined length of time. During the period, the foil will be examined, and the ultrasonic energy directs within it. As a result, once it comes up from under the liquid, it turns out as a new sheet of foil, incredibly.


At the end of the discussion of Is Aluminum Foil Recyclable, we come to know the importance of recycling aluminium and how it has to be. Through recycling, we may save 90% of energy as it is needed while producing virgin aluminium. Furthermore, we may save cans from getting lost in landfills. There are many waste collector community who collects waste and send them to the recycler, why not you join them and save more?