It will be very much unlikely if you say you do not like BBQ parties. But throwing a BBQ party is another deal. The main attraction, the grilled meats certainly cause you a lot of trouble. It is exactly where a grill mat can come in handy to you.

If you have grilled food before, you know how messy it can be. Especially the cleaning process after it’s all done. The grill itself gets sticky and burnt. Sometimes the foods also get burnt while the fire directly hit it. With a grill mat, it all can be solved easily. It can save you a lot of time by noticeably decreasing the mess. Plus in a grill mat, you can grill foods like eggs, chopped vegetables, etc.  So, let’s see how to use grill mats and look forward to some awesome BBQ parties with less hustle.

What Is A Grill Mat and When to Use It?

Some of you may not familiar with grill mats. It is a thin sheet which is heat superior and you can use it on top of your grill grate or in your oven. It prevents soft and tender foods from falling apart into the grate on your grill.

When to Use a Grill Mat:

Cover Rust: It can prevent dirt, rust and other yucky stuff from touching your food, when using an older grill.

Block Dirt: If you are cooking or grilling away from home or in an outdoor campaign, it can prevent food contamination without using expensive and more dangerous tin foil.

Unconventional Dishes: With a grill mat you can stir fries and other sauté style dishes in your backyard and cook without foods slipping through the cracks.

Vegetables: You can cook asparagus or other vegetables as your side dish with intense flavor.

Seafood: Can prepare subtle pieces of fish without sticking or falling apart.

Sticky and Saucy Stuff: Avoid sticking and burning when cooking with barbecue Saucy Stuff.

Even Cooking: Grill mats are ideal for steaks and other meats to produce evenly cooked pieces and results with juicy flavored meat.

Fried Foods: You can also fry slice potatoes with any meat, and avoid turning on the oven for fries.

How to Use BBQ Grill Mats?

Using a BBQ grill mat is fairly simple. You just have to clean it properly and lay flat against the cooking grate. It increases the opportunity of grilling many foods that you cannot do directly on the grate, for example, eggs, chopped onion, potato, etc. You can make homemade pizza on a grill mate too.

1. First, put the metal grate in position after turning on your grill.
2. Take a grill mat and place it over the grilling surface. For larger grills, you can use two mats and set those two next to each other.
3. Try to maintain a single thickness. Avoid layering.
4. Once you set the mat is in place, put food and cook normally.
5. Once cooking is finished, let them cool and then wash clean. Finally dry the mats with a soft cloth and lay those flat when they are not in use.

However, here are some things you might remember while using a bbq grill mat:

  • Try to purchase a high-quality non-stick grill mat.
  • Keep the heat on low or medium and never expose the mat to above 500°C temperature.
  • Do not use metal tools, silicon or soft plastic while grilling your foods. If you need to flip food, you can use a pair of silicone-tipped tongs and a spatula.
  • Do not scrape the surface of a bbq mat excessively.
  • Do not cook sticky sauces or other foods that are too sticky.
  • For example Cook fresh vegetables, shrimp, certain fish, chicken, hash browns, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fried eggs.
How to Use Grill Mat

Are Grill Mats Safe to Use?

Grill mats are non-sticky because it is coated with fiberglass and PTFE. Those materials are also used almost in every non-sticky cookeries and these are declared safe to use by the FDA.

But that doesn’t mean you can use it as you want. You must follow how to use grill mats instruction that comes with it and avoid getting burnt. If it gets burnt, PTFE will melt and the mat will be destroyed. Though it is a harmless material, you do not want to eat it with your food.

How Many Times Can You Use a Grill Mat?

The durability of grill mats depends on your budget. You will get both expensive and cheap ones on the market. You can go for the cheaper one if you do not have the budget. But consider that it will not last long enough, maybe a couple of months.

But if you can increase the budget, the quality will certainly increase. You can use a high-quality grill mat for many years. It will worth your money.

Are BBQ Grill Mats Any Good?

BBQ grill mats come with a bunch of benefits. But what should attract you the most is – these mats will give you the flavor of the food to its fullest. You probably are thinking about how a grill mat will provide flavor? Think about it, every time you cook without a mat, directly on the grill especially meat, the meat came into direct contact with the flame and what it does is, it evaporates the juice of the meat. As a result, the meat becomes flaky and flavorless. But when you use grill mat the meat cooks in its juice. Now you should understand why it is worth.

Not only that, as I was saying before it enables you with so many cooking options including frying eggs. BBQ grill mats are non-sticky so that cooking and cleaning becomes easier. You can not only BBQ or grill with these mats, but also these mats have multipurpose uses as you can bake or roast almost anything you want.

BBQ grill mat can resist high temperatures. The recipes that you could not try because of the low, heat now you can try it with a grill mat. A good quality grill mat can withstand 500-600 degrees Celsius.

Is Copper Makes Any Difference?

Coppers are well known for distributing the heat properly. Copper grill mats can cook the food evenly in every part so that there aren’t raw anywhere. The thickness of the copper grill mat is perfect for BBQ, grill, or roast.

As it withstands a lot of heat it does not fall apart easily. So copper mats are durable and last longer than any other mats. You can also wash it into the dishwasher.

Final Verdict

From taste to appearance, a grill mat makes it better in both ways. Besides it is easy to clean and keeps the grill machine cleaner. You can use the mat in multipurpose which makes your cooking experience a lot easier.

But be careful about the instructions because each one comes with different guidelines. If you do not follow that, you will end up ruining the mat before you can properly use it. 

Finally, every grill mat fulfills different aspects. You need to buy one according to your needs and need to know how to use grill mats properly. Otherwise, you will not be able to experience the most out of it.