Stainless steels are usually protected by a thin layer of chromium oxide. After some use the grease and dirt make a coat above it and make the grill less efficient. That’s why the stainless steel grill should be cleaned regularly in an appropriate way. Let’s see how to clean stainless steel grill below.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates?

Grates are the dirtiest part of a grill, as all the foods sit on it while cooking. To clean an extremely dirty grate, take one-fourth cup of baking soda, one-fourth cup of water and makes the paste. With the help of a brush, coat the grate with baking soda paste and allow it to sit. Now if your grill grate is extra dirty then try to leave it overnight. Besides, you can also soak the grates in hot water for some time before applying the paste will also help.

After that, take a grill brush and scrub it until it’s properly cleaned. Splash clean water over the grate. You will notice there are still leftover residues on the grate. To remove the excess grease take some grill cleaner, and spray it on the grate. Wipe it with a damp towel. By this point, your grate should be cleaned properly.

A Quick Hack:

After you have done preparing your BBQ or meal, let the grill heat up a little more with the highest temperature it provides. It will help to melt a good portion of grease and food debris and will make your work easy. Then turn off the grill and start to scrub while it is still hot.

To minimize all of these cleaning procedures you can try grill mats. It is a really helpful tool to keep the grill clean and fresh. You will not have to clean the grill regularly if you start using grill mats. Or you can also coat the grate with a thin layer of oil before you start cooking.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Flame Tamers?

The first part of cleaning the interior is, leaning the flame tamers. You will find it exactly on top of the burners. It creates a barrier around the burner. Over time food debris build upon them and make it greasy and dirty. So first remove them from the grill and clean it with a small dry wire brush. Then take a piece of dry towel and wipe the dirt.  

You must have to clean the flame tamers while the grill is completely cooled down. To locate the flame tamers correctly see the instruction manual.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Burners?

Before you began with it make sure to turn off the gas supply of your grill machine. After that remove the grill grate and the flame tamers, the burners are underneath the tamers. You need to remove both of them and set aside for cleaning separately.

Burners become dirty with food residue and provide uneven heat. Most of the time gas ports are clogged with food debris. Gas ports are created in uniform shape and spacing between them so that it can provide even heat to cook properly. So, cleaning the ports is one of the most important things while cleaning the burners so make sure the ports are not clogged. You can use a drill bit or any small substance which can clean small ports.

You will need a degreaser spray to clean the burners. But do not use any water to clean the burners. Use a dry wire brush and afterward wipe it with a paper towel. Also, check the burner tube and if it is clogged clean it in the same way as the burner ports.

How to Clean Venturi Tubes?

Now it’s time for the venturi tubes from where the gas comes from. It actually mixes the air and the gas in an appropriate ratio for cooking. Often spiders can make a nest inside them.

To clean it, first, remove the burner and rinse the venturi tube with a towel wet with a soapy water mix with a grill cleaner. Then take a dry brush and clean the food debris from the venturi tube. Look for any clogged holes. If there’s any, unclogged it with a drill bit and the brush. You can also use water from your garden hose and spray it in the clogged holes.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Grill Exterior?

While deep cleaning your grill, cleaning the exterior surface is the easiest part. Spray your grill cleaner all over the surface. Take a microfiber towel and wipe off the cleaner and that’s it. Scrub with a sponge if you see any stubborn spot. Use water if needed but do not use any acidic solution to clean the exterior of the grill. Then finally let it dry completely.

We do not suggest this type of deep cleaning regularly. It can damage the grill. You can do this once every month to keep it neat and clean as new. 


BBQ grills differ from company to company. So the parts of it may not be the same or in the same position as we described. So before you start cleaning must check the manufacturer’s guide along with our guidelines on how to clean stainless steel grill. Double-check what kind of solution can be used to clean the grill.

Clean the grill properly whenever you clean it. Remember stainless still can be scratched easily, so you have to be careful while cleaning it. Never use chemicals that are restricted in the manual. We know, for a BBQ lover, nothing feels better than opening up a freshly cleaned BBQ grill before the guests.