George Foreman grills are synonymous with versatile cooking. These indoor grills are quick, easy, and everything a health-conscious barbecue lover could ask for, from seared skewers to sizzling steaks.

One thing we like about grilling is that you can eat your bacon without worrying about saturated fat. The fat drains off as food cooks, so you end up with a lean meal.  

The grill tray is a necessary part of the grill. It catches the fat and the juice that the grill cooks off.

The original grease catcher on a George Foreman Grill works excellent. However, most customers have either misplaced or broken their grease trap. Other times, the tray fills up pretty quickly if you are cooking for a lot of people.

George Foreman Grill Drip Tray Substitute

Here’s what you can use as a George Foreman grill drip tray substitute.

Double Layer of Aluminum Foil

aluminum foil

You will want to turn up the edges so that the foil does not leak. Adding an aluminum foil is handy if your George Foreman is leaking grease.

Baby Food Plate

baby food plate

For this George Foreman drip tray, you need a baby food plate. We are talking about the cute trays usually divided into three. One of the sections is generally bigger than the others. Cut it into half using a saw such that you have the large side to use as a drip pan.

DIY Grill Trap

If you have time to spare, this DIY George Foreman drip tray is easy to make and will last longer than other substitutes.

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Utility knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • A flat strip of wood


  • Cut the cardboard to resemble the shape of the grill pan that your grill uses.
  • Roll out two layers of aluminum foil
  • Place the foil inside the DIY pan and wrap it around the edges of the pan
  • Turn the tray over and place a strip of hot glue down the center of the tray.
  • Press the bottom side onto the wood to secure the glue
  • Set the pan at the bottom of your grill. And there you have it- a George Foreman drip tray that will cost you less than a new one.

Other George Foreman Grill Drip Tray substitutes include:

  • Corn on the cob tray
  • Disposable pie tin
  • Small pizza pan
  • Shallow aluminum tin

How to Clean a George Foreman Grill

Grilling on a George Foreman grill is fun. But cleaning it can be stressful if you don’t know the tricks to make it easy.

Place an Aluminum Foil on Grill Plates Before Cooking

Although George Foreman grills use non-stick cooking plates, they often get sticky and difficult to clean.

When you place aluminum foil on the plates before cooking, it ensures that the grease and food juices do not stick to the grill.

All you need to do is dispose of the aluminum foil and wipe any drippings that end up on the grill as you lift the foil from the plates.

While this method keeps the grill clean, you miss out on the fancy grill marks we love on grilled food.

Cleaning George Foreman Grill with Removable Grill Plates

George Foreman Grill Drip Tray Substitute - grill plates
  • Unplug the grill and allow it to cool completely.
  • Remove the plates and place them in hot, soapy water. You can use oven mitts if you’re not sure the grill plates have cooled completely.
  • Clean the plates using a soapy sponge.
  • Let the plates dry before replacing them in the grill.
  • It’s best to avoid metal scrubbing pads since they can scratch the plates. The plates have a
  • non-stick coating, meaning you should use silicone barbecue tongs instead of metallic
  • tongs.

Cleaning a George Foreman Grill with Non-Removable Grill Plates

GF grill
  • Unplug the grill
  • Place wet paper towels on the plates.
  • Wait for the grill to cool down.
  • Wipe the plates with the wet paper towels that will have soaked up some of the greases. And then use some more paper towels to clean the grill plates.
  • You can then scrape any remaining residue using a plastic spatula or a sponge with dishwasher soap and water.


  • Let the grill cool down
  • Use a spray bottle filled with dishwasher soap and water to spray the grill plates
  • Plug in the grill for a minute
  • The heat creates steam which helps unstick the residue.
  • Then, use a slightly wet sponge to clean away the gunk and wipe it down with clean paper towels.

For the Drip Tray;

  • Empty the grease into a separate can for disposal into the trash.
  • Do not pour grease down the drain since it leads to a clogged drain.
  • Wash the drip tray with hot, soapy water.
  • The drip tray is dishwasher safe. Just put it in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

Finally, wipe the outside of the grill with a wet sponge before storing it. You should not immerse a George Foreman grill in water since it has electrical parts that will be damaged.

How to Replace a George Foreman Grill Drip Tray

You can get a genuine George Foreman Grill grease tray replacement from the George Foreman product website.

Other online stores that sell genuine George Foreman grill replacement parts include Amazon, Walmart,, Target, and eBay.  

But first;

  • Check the model fit so that you get the right size.
  • Go to the George Foreman website or visit an online store like Amazon
  • Fill in the grill’s model number
  • You may have to create an account on the George Foreman website if it’s your first time buying online from them.
  • Continue with the signup and the buying process until the “confirm order stage.”
  • The brand will ship the George Foreman Grill Drip tray replacement to you in a few days.

How to Attach Drip Tray to George Foreman Grill.

The grease tray slides under the grill. It is easy to place before cooking and remove after grilling.


Finding a George Foreman grill drip tray substitute needn’t be hard. We’ve given you the

simplest substitutes that you can start using before buying a replacement for your grill.