When you are a newbie with an electric smoker, the first thing that arises in your mind is what to do with the vent. That said, whether you should keep electric smoker vent open or closed?

Well, there are several things co-relates with it, and for that, we should come to know electric smoker tips and tricks. You should comply with us that an electric smoker won’t behave like other gas grill or charcoal. Especially with the preheating procedure, and thus, should come to know when to smoker vents open or closed.
No worries, today we will talk educate on some everyday hacks about electric smoking and the vent opening and closing process as well.

Electric Smoker Vent Open or Closed Body Image

Monitor The Temperature:

Before you are going to open the vent or shutting it off, you need to monitor the temperature. With an electric grill, the temperature may rise and fall between 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. After the constant heating according to the mentioned temperature, you will get uniform cooking.

Make sure you do not keep meat undergoing constant heating without turning it upside-down. Cooking on your Electric smoker is all about maintaining x hours of time within y level of temperature. 

Meanwhile, a thermometer that will tell you the precise temperature will help your cooking a lot. However, never fully believe in your thermostat always for the following reason:

  • The meat you bring on today and takes x hours may not same the meat you will bring tomorrow required the same number of hours of cooking
  • The electric temperature may bump up and down, so it is not possible to find out the precise temperature

Control Your Vent Position

Controlling the vent of an electric smoker is easy comparatively with any charcoal smoker. We find that to open the vent after preheating would be more effective.  

This would be a rule of thumb when burning heavy meat but make sure to maintain X hours of heating Y level of temperature. By the way, opening the vent to some extent seems useful to reproduce oxygen as well. 

Finally, when it comes to dealing with the vent position, the best thing is not to open to the fullest or keep the door completely shut. It is as if you allow some smoke to stay inside the smoker and also let it pass away.

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What is the Vent Mechanism?

The main reason to have a vent on every electric smoker is to control a certain amount of oxygen to get inside or leak outside. When we keep the vent open, it is as if, we allow the heat to go outside. The bottom vent of the basin determines frequent oxygen to come in, or you may stop in the mid-way.

As a matter of scientific facts, more oxygen inside the smoker means the heat becomes hotter. Therefore, keeping the vent open at the beginning of the preparation of cooking is excellent. On the other hand, you may surmise that the preheating condition is a perfect time to keep the vent open. 

Now let’s come to talk about top vent as many of us are questioning when to electric smoker top vent open or closed? Basically, when we keep the top vent open, the heat escapes through it. That said, the food we keep in the lowest bottom will get immersive heat to burn more.
Hence, when you want to see the food will get some break from high temp then turn the lid off oppositely. Finally, we come to the core point “Open vent means more heat production and closed vent means slower heating.

What If Happen If We Completely Shut The Vent Or Keep It Open?

We have recommended opening the vent during preheating to get more oxygen and to burn the meat precisely. However, it is not suggested to open it up all the time, especially when the smoke will go outside, and as a result, you are not going to have smoky flavour in your meat. 

So when the temp decreases up to 140 degrees then make sure to shut the vent off to get optimum smoke absorption.