Do you crave for some aesthetic aroma and flavors while preparing your BBQ? Or can you use wood pellets in a charcoal grill? Don’t worry, it’s not that tough anymore. Some prefer that using wood pellets for BBQ makes the work easier than ever.

Can You Use Wood Pellets in A Charcoal Grill?

Of course, you can! We know how significant the role BBQ parties play to get your homies together. Grilling, BBQ-ing, or braaing no matter what you call it, everyone has equal excitement. And to enhance the enjoyment and fun a bit more, use the wood pellets for exquisite BBQ meals.

Here, in this article, we’ve comprehended how to use wood pellets in charcoal grill. We’ve been through a brainstorming study to get you this piece of article. Let’s go for it!

What are wood pellets?

Can You Use Wood Pellets in A Charcoal Grill?

A method of exposing binding agents is used to heat some forms of sawdust and wood. And that is commonly known as wood pellets. They work great as cooking fuel and bring out an extravagant aroma. You will enjoy a smoky flavor by using them while cooking.

There are two types of wood pellets to choose from-

  • BBQ Pellets- The name of it signifies what it does, right? These pellets work like wonders for grills and BBQs. If you’re a fan of wood flavor meat, you should go for it. They give the exact taste and aroma of charcoal flavored pellets.
  • Heating Pellets- Fueling up home heaters are no more a bridge too far. It no longer requires a rigorous process if you get yourself heating pellets. Elements like paint residue and others that are commonly found in heating pellets can be very toxic. No wonder why you should never use them in a grill using pellets. 

How to Use Wood Pellets in Charcoal Grill

Nothing can be as good as grilling pellets for smoke flavoring. You can easily use wood pellets for the grill if you know how to do it properly. Make sure that you use human-friendly wood pellets that are not toxic for your health.

Without further explanations, let’s go for it-

1. Mix the pellet with some charcoal

Using some wood bullets in a charcoal grill is a safe thing to do. But make sure that you’re using a food-grade BBQ pellet. Some prefer using pellets only. But sprinkling some charcoal assures the perfect heat. It also offers you a flavor delicious enough.

2. Bring out your chimney starter

Take your chimney starter and fire up your grill. Make sure that you take precautions enough if it’s your first time. Pass on the lit coals to the grill.

3. Add the pellets

Once your charcoal grill has heated enough, add your all-natural wood pellets to the coal. Just add a meager lair of coal over the grill. If you use half a cup of coal, you can easily avail yourself 30 minutes of smoke.

Once the coal flames up, your meal is ready to prepare. You’ll smell a woody aroma unless you’re using cheap smoker pellets.

4. Open the vent of the grill

After closing the lid back, let the grill’s vent remain half-open. You can use your grill thermometer for opening or closing to gauge. If you think that you may need more time, remove the grill’s lid and open and add more wood pellets.

5. Try to use a pellet tube smoker

A pellet tube smoker is a good preference, you can try it. Fill up those tiny tubes with pellets before putting them on the top of lit coals. If you want to taste some delicacies, BBQ with pellets using tiny tubes has no substitute.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are wood pellets safe to cook with?

There are two types of wood pellets available in the market. Once you’re able to detect some human-friendly BBQ wood pellets, it’s healthy.

Where can I buy wood pellets for my smoker?

Many online stores offer your authentic wood smoker pellets. You can also check out the best charcoal grill under 200.

Are wood pellets safe for grilling?

Wood pellets are the safest for grilling if they’re food-grade.

Do you put wood directly on charcoal?

If you have no intention to give up space on the grill, you can put charcoal directly on the wood. 

Are pellet grills better than charcoal?

Even though pellets are more expensive than charcoal, they consume time to cook. So, we can say that a grill with pellets is a better option.

Final Words

The question that we’ve faced for thousands of times, “Can you use wood pellets in a charcoal grill“? Charcoal vs Wood pellets. No matter which one you prefer, they can serve you something delicious if you know how to use them. But charcoal grills are made to consume charcoals as fuel. You can’t only use wood pellets. Using a mixture is the best option.

In this article, we’ve chronicled in such a way that you won’t feel puzzled anymore. Let us know if it’s helpful.