Electric smoker is a beginner-friendly smoking machine that can save you from a ton of work with charcoal and wood. If you are looking forward to doing it manually yourself, there is so much chance that you are going to ruin the meal.

An electric smoker is an easy and effective solution to all of those problems. There is a myth that it is hard to use, but the truth is, the more you use it, the more you will get comfortable with it. Those backyard parties will be more enjoyable, even in the sprinkling rain.

There is a debate, can you use an electric smoker in the rain? Let us find it below.

How Does An Electric Smoker Work?

Before telling you the answer, we think we should describe how this electric smoker works. This will give you a better understanding of whether you should use an electric smoker in the rain or not.

First, start with what is an electric smoker? It is a cooking device you can use outdoor, which gives the food a rich Smokey flavor. It uses an electric road to produce heat instead of charcoal. So, you can enjoy a clean cooking experience.

It works by heating the chamber with hot airflow. Electric smoker consists of an option for wood to burn and give the food Smokey flavor you want alongside with electric heater, which helps the food to cook nicely. Most of the time it is constructed with stainless steel or cast iron.  The features of an electric smoker differ from its temperature control, touch options, auto preheat, doors, cooking area, and many others according to your need.

Is Electric Smoker Waterproof?

In a word, no. But sometimes water can spill from the water pan to the electric smoker. It is durable enough to survive that. It can also survive the sprinkling rain that can start in the middle of your cooking.

Actually, it is not the smoker itself which is at the risk of water, but the control box. The control box contains all the internal electronics to run the smoker. If somehow water slide through it, your smoker may ruin.

But if your electronic smoker is well made and protected from the outside, light rain may not be a problem. You can also use a waterproof cover to shield it if you cook in the rain often.

Can you leave an electric smoker outside?

There is another question, alongside with can you use an electric smoker in the rain?

There are so many people who cover their electric smoker and leave it outside. They claim that it is perfectly okay, and their smoker works completely fine for years. So by real-life experience, we can say that you can leave the electric smoker outside with proper coverage.

If you have a shortage of space, then it may be a problem to keep the machine inside the house. Yet we do not recommend keeping it outside because it is a bit risky. As we discussed earlier, if the water slides inside the control box, you may lose the smoker.

You can only consider to keep it outside if you live somewhere the weather is extremely dry, and humidity is low. Plus, it does not rain very often. It can be the ideal situation to leave the electric smoker outside.

Can You Use An Electric Smoker In The Rain?

Can You Use An Electric Smoker In The Rain

When the question is about the electrical product and water, you should not try it, even not knowing the answer. We all know that these two do not fit together and can be a great danger. So we will exaggerate it about not using it in the rain.

There are so many electric smokers in the market, and all have different features to offer. It is difficult to tell exactly that you can or cannot use it in the rain. But keep in mind that electric smokers are not waterproof. You may come across water-resistant electric smokers, but what it can take is a little squish of water.

You can use an electric smoker in the rain only in two ways. The first one is to buy a really good quality waterproof cover for it. So that even in the rain, the electric smoker does not come into direct contact with water.

The second option is a bit costly, building a BBQ canopy. A BBQ canopy can help to protect all of your outdoor cooking equipment from any kind of harsh weather alongside your electric smoker. It can be a long term investment, and with that, you can use your electric smoker in the rain. A BBQ canopy can save your electric smoker from rain as well as the outdoor party.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can an electric smoker get wet?

It is not recommended, but electric smokers are sustainable to a little splash from the water pan or sprinkling rain. 

Can you use an electric smoker in the garage?

Most of the electric smokers are not safe to use in the garage. You have to select a specific mood to use it indoor plus vent all the smoke outside the garage.

Are masterbuilt smokers waterproof?

It is not. But like all the other electric smokers, a little splash will not do any harm.

Can you use a pit boss smoker in the rain?

You cannot use any kind of smoker in heavy rainfall.

Final Words

Electric smokers are a very convenient way to smoke your food and make the food taste into the next level. It is really hard for the beginner to do it manually. Here electric smokers come to handy. But can you use an electric smoker in the rain? It is a common question people ask very often.

However, it is really not recommended to use any electric smoker in the rain. We are ingeminating that a little splash will not do any harm, but if somehow the water gets into the control box, it can be ruined completely. Try not to take the risk. But if you have to do it in the rain, use a good quality waterproof cover for your electric smoker.