You will hardly find a person who doesn’t love to eat grilled cheese sandwiches with shredded cheese. Cooking this food item doesn’t take much time and easy to prepare too.

However, many of us are confused with one question, “can you make grilled cheese with shredded cheese?”

You will need to avoid a few things when cooking a grilled cheese sandwich to cook a delicious food item.

Well, let’s learn more on the topic of grilled cheese with shredded cheese.

Can You Make Grilled Cheese with Shredded Cheese?

Can You Make Grilled Cheese with Shredded Cheese

Avoid the below mistakes that could make your grilled cheese sandwich inedible.

  • Not Adding Too Much of Mayo to the Bread

A grilled cheese sandwich with shredded cheese becomes best when the toasted bread is adequately buttered and crunchy. And it happened when you add adequate mayo to the bread coat. Otherwise, the bread will taste dry.


Take a pan, heat it and melt the butter. You also can use mayo or a blend of both. Melting the combo in a pan or spreading on the bread, both process is workable. You have to make sure that both bread slice consists of enough coat of fat.

  • Using Too Much Cheese

Yes, using too much cheese will ruin the taste of your grilled cheese sandwich. If this happens, the cheese will be cooked unevenly, and it will spill out around the bread is sticky gobs. This type of cooked sandwich is unenjoyable.


You can find a perfectly cooked grilled cheese sandwich with the right combination of melted cheese and toasty bread. Use cheese (1/4 – 1/3 cup) to enjoy a delicious grilled cheese sandwich with shredded cheese.

  • Too Thick-sliced Cheese

A thick-sliced cheese will not be perfectly cooked, undoubtedly. It means the sandwich will be less tasty.

Tip: You should start cooking a grilled cheese sandwich with thinly sliced cheese. Grated cheese is better instead of using thinly sliced cheese. This type of cheese melts evenly and faster compared to another cheese type. Be sure that the combination of the crunchy bread and heated cheese will be well-balanced following this way.

  • Using Inappropriately Melted Cheese

Do you think that all grilled cheeses are equally created? Some grilled cheese types are made especially for sandwiches, while other types don’t go well. Never use the below cheese type.

  • Aged or hard cheese.
  • Crumbly or dry cheese.
  • Pecorino and Parmesan cheese.

However, these above cheese types are delicious, but they are not suitable for a sandwich.


Always apply a cheese type that comes with well-melted characteristics such as American, fontina, Monterey Jack, Swiss, and cheddar.

  • Using High Temperature to Cook Sandwich

The truth is, keeping patience is necessary. So, you shouldn’t turn the knob to a high temperature. The sandwich will not be cooked quickly. The bread will burn at the outside. And inside the sandwich, you will get un-melted and less cooked cheese.


The secret of a well-cooked sandwich is low temperature and slow cooking. Set the dial of the stove in between medium and low heat; it will ensure an evenly cooked sandwich.

How to Make Grilled Cheese with Shredded Cheese?

Making a grilled cheese sandwich with shredded cheese at home is exceptionally straightforward. In a large skillet, you can make 2 pieces of sandwich. Only be careful when flipping the bread.

Required Ingredients:

  • Crusty bread (2 large pieces)
  • ½ teaspoon of Dijon Mustard
  • Shredded cheese (2 cups)
  • Chopped green onion (2 teaspoons)
  • Unsalted butter


  1. Firstly, aim to apply a thin layer of Dijon Mustard at one side of the bread. Make a combo of green onion and grated cheese by stirring them and keep aside.
  2. Since you are preparing 2 large pieces of bread, take a large skillet. Place it on a medium heat stove. Then put 1teaspoon of butter and let it melt. Next, take the mustardy bread and place one side of the bread into the skillet. Ensure keeping the mustard side face up.
  3. Now, take the combo of green onion and grated cheese, put ¾” layer of cheese on the bread. After that, cover the combo with the other pieces of bread. Then cover the skillet using a lid. Wait for several minutes until the underside gets golden-colored.
  4. Use a spatula to remove the sandwich. Take another spoon of butter and put it into the skillet. After the butter is melted, place the other side of the bread into the buttery pan. Cover the pan and wait for several minutes until the bread becomes golden-colored.
  5. Once the sandwich is ready to remove, use a spatula to do it after placing it on a cutting board, wat for a few minutes so that the food can get relaxed. Use a serrated knife to cut the sandwich into 2 pieces.

General Tips to Get an Appetizing Grilled Cheese with Shredded Cheese

Appetizing Grilled Cheese with Shredded Cheese

Below are a few tips that will help you to prepare an Appetizing Grilled Cheese with Shredded Cheese

Choose Crunchy Bread

If you have bread in your pantry, then you can go with those pieces of bread. But when you have the option, buy crunchy bread to get maximum fantastic flavor.

Shred the Cheese on Your Own

Pre-shredded cheeses don’t stick together because the starch of cheese stays lightly coated in this way. Due to the presence of starch, the cheese doesn’t melt into gooey oblivion. Sandwich becomes mouth-watering with gooey oblivion. So, a thick coat of shredded cheese is necessary.

Use a Lid to Cover the Pan when Making Sandwich

The heat gets trapped when you cover the pan with a lid. The outside of the bread will not burn, and the cheese will get sufficient time to melt.

Last Words

Hopefully, you have already prepared an exquisite sandwich following this article on the topic “can you make grilled cheese with shredded cheese.” With the above tips and recipe, you will be able to impress your family and friends for sure in an outdoor or indoor party.

Enjoy your meal!