Bradley Smoker BS611 Review

Bradley Smoker BS611 Review


  • Cooking Space: 572-in
  • High Temperature: 250F
  • Weight: 54 Pounds
  • Dimensions: LxWxH: 34 x 20 x 18 inches
  • Material: Powder epoxy steel construction
  • Color: Black
  • Casters: No
  • Digital Control: No


Bradley Smokers, a North-American company, is known for world-class food smokers keen on the tradition of smoke barbecuing.

These smokers are designed to bring control, convenience, and repeatability in what was once a labor-intensive and outdoor cooking task.

Bradley smokers come in two sizes, the 4-rack, and the 6-rack. With all the different models available, I will look at the original Bradley Smoker BS611 electric smoker. This smoker takes smoke barbecue back to the basics with its ease of use, look and feel.

If you wonder what the best Bradley smoker is, I will do more than wet my feet looking into the Bradley BS611. Its small footprint is just right for apartment and condo dwellers, where patio and balcony space is limited.  

This smoker boasts lots of interesting features. So, let’s go further and see what’s it’s about.


  • Easy to use temperature controls
  • Thick insulated walls
  • Four safe dishwasher racks
  • Stainless-steel interior
  • Automatic smoke generator
  • Simple temperature controls
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Large cooking surface
  • Two burners for smoke and heat
  • Stellar customer support


  • Bisquettes are expensive and burn for only 20 minutes
  • It needs a waterproof cover to protect bisquettes from moisture
  • The temperature range is not extensive
  • Controls are not digital

Features Description

The Bradley smoker bs611 is also known as the Bradley original smoker. When the company first started, it sold only one smoker with a classic look and simple control. This model has the same outlook. It is for those looking to enter the world of smoke barbecue without tending to a smoker.

Temperature Controls

temperature control

Bradley bs611 is thermostatically controlled. It has a low minimum temperature close to room temperature, which will allow you to use it as a cold smoker. The primary function is to set this model to any temperature up to a high maximum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit for regular hot smoking.

Now, you can use this smoker as a slow cooker and oven because of its temperature range. But where it thrives most is smoking—more on that in a few.

This unit is well insulated, which means you don’t have to worry about temperature swings. The heat is always trapped inside, which makes food cook evenly. In addition, it makes you look like a pro because you are guaranteed exceptional meals every single time.

Smoking Performance


The reason I like Bradley smokers is that it makes barbecue life a lot easier. The bs611 may not be a smart smoker, but it has an automatic smoke generator. Of course, you know that the key to a delicious smoked barbecue is the flavor. That’s why this brand offers Bradley flavor bisquettes to use with this model.

Once you input the bisquettes, you don’t have to continually feed the smoker, do temperature checks, or replace bisquettes. Instead, the automatic feed system automatically advances a new bisquette into the burner every twenty minutes.

This feature allows for perfect smoke usage for the prescribed time without your intervention. I like that this process gives you a pure smoky flavor that is consistent every time.

Say you want to smoke a packer brisket for one hour. All you have to do is load three briskets for the hour and let the bs611 do the rest.

This unit allows you to load enough bisquettes to last nine hours.

Interior Features

inside the smoker

Well, what are you dealing with here? The Bradley Smoker BS611 features a stainless-steel interior that is fully insulated. It allows the exterior to remain warm to the touch, so it’s safe around children and pets.

Again because of the stainless steel, cleaning up is fast and easy. As a result, you’ll have more time to enjoy the meals that you prepare.

What’s more, the generator has a removable side panel, not just for easy cleaning but to perform preventative maintenance to help this smoker last long in excellent condition.

You have four racks for smoking different foods at the same time. In total, that’s 572-in of cooking space. I’ve smoked two whole chickens, three pounds of rib eye roast, pork shoulders, and two full racks of ribs for my family over Christmas, and everything turned out great.

As compact as the original smoker looks, it packs lots of space for a full-blown barbecue party.

One thing I particularly like about the racks is that they feature end stops. As such, they will not tip over once you pull them out. And, you can adjust any stainless-steel interior rack to accommodate different-sized foods.

Separate Burners

All Bradley smokers, including the Bradley smoker BS611 original smoker, comes with two separate burners. One is for smoke and the other for heat.


You can choose to use the heat burner for cooking without turning on the smoke burner. It is ideal as a slow roasting oven or using the smoke burner without the heat. That’s why it’s possible to use this smoker for cold smoking.

Speaking of cold smoking, you can do a true cold smoke by using the Bradley cold smoke adapter. This is done by moving the bisquette burner outside the smokebox and fitting the adapter between the smoke tower and generator.

cold adapter

The adapter cools the smoke before it reaches your foods so you can smoke for real cold smoke.

In the Bradley Smoker BS611 original smoker, the separately controlled heating elements are at the center of perfection. The cooking element is rated at 500 watts and the smoking element at 125 watts with power 120V 50-60Hz and 5.5amps. In addition, it is ETL and CE listed, meaning it complies with accepted safety standards.

Besides, the heat control moved to the smoke generator to eliminate moisture damage to the switch.

Build Quality

exterior of the smoker

The exterior of the original Bradley smoker has a construction of steel with a powder epoxy coating. The steel is super durable, but it lasts even longer because the frame can withstand damage year after year. The exterior is resistant to moisture and humidity, so it will never rust.

Another thing to like about the Bradley BS611’s frame is that it is chip, scratch, peel, and crack resistant. It’s that unit in your home that you never have to worry about because the color will never fade, and you will not find annoying scratches when pets play around the smoker.

Bradley Flavored Bisquettes

bradley bisquettes

Another feature that makes this model a great smoker is the drip bowl to catch the wooden bisquettes.

Remember, the Bradley original electric smoker does not use traditional wood chips. It produces 100% clean smoke because it does not let the bisquettes burn into ash. As such, after 20 minutes, it extinguishes the spent puck and drops it into the drip bowl

This smoker also comes with a tray to catch spills and drips, making it easier to clean the stainless-steel interior.

The entire smoker is supported by two large feet in the front and two at the back. The large feet keep the smoker stable so that it does not tip over

Finally, you have a magnetic door that ensures you lock in the heat because you will never miss closing it completely.

Setting up the Bradley Smoker BS611

World-class smokers like the Bradley model set up in 10-15 minutes.

Here’s what included with the Bradley Smoker BS611

  • Smoke tower
  • Drip bowl to catch the bisquettes
  • Drip tray to protect the bottom of the unit
  • V-shaped drip tray to funnel the juices
  • Power cord and sensor cable
  • Four racks
  • A handy recipe booklet
  • The Bradley BS611 manual
  • Main power cord
  • 1-year warranty card

To set up this smoker

  • First, slide the smoke generator into the side of the unit and let it sit on the hooks provided.
  • Next, put the smoke tower in the hole on top of the smoke generator. It’s as easy as pushing it down firmly.
  • After that, plug in the sensor cable at the back of the smoke generator and the back of the unit.
  • Follow that up with inserting the short power cable to run from the smoke generator to the back of the smoker.
  • Finally, connect the main power cord to run from the back of the smoke generator to your power outlet.
  • Now insert the cooking racks on the shelves provided, then the drip tray for funneling juices below the racks. The drip tray to protect the base of the unit goes in next, and the drip bowl is the last thing to go on top of the base drip tray.

As you can see, it will not be more than ten minutes before you set up this smoker.

Using the Bradley Smoker BS611 Original

bradley smoking chicken

A Bradley electric smoker is easy and fun to use. All you have to do is know how to use it correctly, and you will enjoy every single meal you cook on it.

Getting up and ready for cooking requires a little preparation that will set you up for easy cooking.

  • Clean the Smoker

First, clean the inside of the smoker of any dust or grease.

  • Season the smoker

After cleaning, spray the inside with cooking spray to season it. You can use canola oil, vegetable oil, or sesame oil.

Don’t forget to brush some oil on the cooking trays to prevent sticking if you are not foiling up.

  • Preheat the Smoker

Get the smoker to a nice cooking temperature by preheating for 1-2 hours before putting any food inside.

  • Fill the bowl with water

I recommend using hot water because cold water brings the temperature down. In addition, the water bowl will collect debris from the pucks and any grease and drippings from the food.

  • Load the pucks

Place the pucks in the tower one by one. Load just enough pucks for the length of time you will be smoking food.

  • Turn on the Smoke Generator

The left red button starts the smoke generator. The pucks will start burning, but you have to push out the first puck, but the remaining pucks will feed automatically into the smoker.

  • Set the temperature

I like my smoker set at 220 degrees for pork and poultry. It allows my food to cook evenly for the prescribed time even if the smoker is not at the highest temperature.

  • Close the door

Always cook with the door closed to trap in the heat and avoid temperature swings. Observe if the smoker is producing smoke as expected. If not, you may need to adjust to a higher or lower temperature.

  • Refill the water bowl

After two hours, you may need to refill the water bowl because it will become dirty from the debris and grease. But this is totally optional.

  • When the Food is Ready

Once your food is ready, turn off the smoker before you bring out the food.

Always wear oven mitts because the inside of the smoker will be very hot.

Suppose you have any questions about setting up and using the Bradley original smoker, reach out to Bradley customer service. In that case, the team is exceptional in the help they afford their customers.

What’s not to like about the Bradley Smoker BS611 Original?

The only thing I’m not fond of is how fast the Bradley smoker bisquettes get ejected from the smoker. It makes this budget-friendly smoker expensive to operate.

Bradley Smoker BS611 Review FAQs

Can you use wood chips in the original Bradley smoker?

It is not advisable to use wood chips in the Bradley original smoker. However, if you choose to do it, you’ll have to do lots of tweaking for the smoker to accommodate the wood chips.

Can you use the Bradley original smoker indoors?


This smoker is designed for the outdoors. Even your garage is not an ideal place for setting up this smoker. If using it in a sheltered space, make sure it is not next to your house.

Can you run this smoker in winter?


You can use a Bradley smoker in winter. However, you need to have it at the highest temperature and ensure that the generator is clean. This is also where a shed comes in handy to help the smoker keep most of its heat.

Verdict out of 10

  • Performance
  • Build Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Portability
  • Versatility
  • Design

Fast and Easy to Use for Beginners

The Bradley Smoker BS611 is an affordable electric smoker for beginners. It’s for those looking to start smoke barbecuing while skipping the need to master temperatures and smoking time. With the recipe booklet, you can nail exceptional meals just like a pro.