Before we proceed to the best grill mats reviews, tell me, “why the skeleton went to the barbecue party?”

“To get a spare rib.”

Did you notice this old joke does not mention anything about cleaning the grill and rest? The skeleton gets his ‘rib,’ he does not help out with cleaning. Skeleton takes his ‘rib’ or not, your invited guests will not help you clean, most of the time it falls to you and your partner.

So, as every intelligent being, you would want to minimize your effort doing the cleaning. This is where grill mats come to help. Moreover, they will also save you from consuming metal latched on to the meat. They will help to lessen the mess and cook healthy foods. Bear with us till the end; we will help you pick some of the best ones.

What Is A Grill Mat Used For?

As the name suggests, it is a kind of grill mat that goes between the food you want to grill and the grate.

You might notice that sometimes the heat does not reach all the areas of the grate equally. Resulting in some food is over-cooked, and some are under-cooked. To even them out, you need to keep placing them all over the grill. Which won’t be exaggerating saying, is a hassle.

There is also the risk of consuming metal when grilling directly on the grate. Due to extreme heat, a chemical reaction causes the grate’s metal to latch on the meat. As we all know, consuming metal is bad.

In this situation, the grilling mats come to the rescue. It is just a sheet made of polymer that can withstand extreme heat. Imagine no more flare, little pieces falling through the grill. It goes between the food and the grate, the metal does not get to touch the food. It also even out the heat distribution. You won’t have to place meats here and there to make sure they get proper heat.

The fuel cost is cheaper than charcoal and electricity because you will be using gas. You can even hook your grilling machine to your home’s gas line. Also, these machines are effortless to clean up. They also provide better control of fire, which is a secret of efficiency.

You might want to start with cheaper grills if you do not have prior experience. A study suggests that Americans do not use the same grill for more than four years. If you take proper care, these machines will last at least 3-4 years. This gives you plenty of times to discover your grilling tastes.

If you find that you do not enjoy grilling, it will not matter. The reason being it will cost you only 200 dollars, unlike an expensive 1000 dollar machine.

If you are one of them who enjoy basic grilling, budget gas grills are tailored for your needs. These grills are not packed with unnecessary features. They are designed to be sufficient for basic grilling sessions.

As they cost less, you will be sacrificing some things. The biggest of them is the build quality. Most of the cheap grills have average build quality. They also tend to breakdown with little rough usage. These machines need very good care to make past 3 years old.

Which Grill Mat Is Best?

There are many good quality grill mats from different brands. We have invested 100+ hours in analyzing and collected user opinions to find out the best one in the market. However, you may not find our recommended products the same as others. After performing in-depth analysis, we had selected some important features to compare with the best values and finally have found these top products below. Trust us, and thank us later.

Our Top Choices for Best Grill Mats: At A Glance

Grillaholics Grill Mat

Grillaholics Grill Mat

  • Heat Rating 500°F
  • Easy to clean
  • Recommended by top chefs Ray and Kimball
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Kona BBQ Grill Mat

Kona BBQ Grill Mat

  • Heat Rating 600°F
  • One of the thickest with 0.39mm thickness.
  • Can be used 1000 times per side
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Smaid - Copper Grill Mat

Smaid – Copper Grill Mat

  • Made with copper
  • Very heat efficient
  • Heats up quickly
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Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat

Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat

  • Heat Rating 500°F
  • Has the extra-large area
  • Ultra Slick
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Aoocan Grill Mat

Aoocan Grill Mat

  • Heat Rating 500°F
  • Ideal for veggies, fish alongside meat
  • Passed LFGB food-grade certification
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What Should You Look For In a Grill Mat?

best grill mats

So, you are looking for grilling mats, and you probably want the best one. But how do you know which one is the best? They all look alike, do the same thing. How to differentiate one from the other? No matter what other ‘Best grill mats reviews’ say, let me tell you what to look for when buying one.


First and foremost, you have to consider the size. It fails the purpose of using the grill if it does not match the size.

If you buy the smaller one, then little pieces, oil, fat might fall off the holes. Flares will definitely follow next through the making the work of grilling cumbersome.

Buying the larger one will hinder the sight of fire. The fire might get doused, and you wouldn’t notice. Another danger is those extra hanging portions of the mat. As the grill heats up, the hanging part will get super-hot as the rest of the grill mat. Accidental touches might send you to the Emergency Room.

When you buy one, make sure it matches the size.

Non-Sticky Coating:

Grilling on the grate is one thing, but food getting stuck on a grilling mat is a nightmare. Then you would have to splash it with oil and fat. Some oil may even get into the fire, causing up flares. Foods sticking to mats are a big problem. This is not the worst. Imagine a patty falling to the ground because you tried too hard, flipping it. It is every foodie’s worst nightmare. There is a solution to this problem.

The solution is non-stick mats. Note that there are two types available. Single coated and double coated. Double coated mats are durable and last longer than single coated ones. They are costly too. Those are the best grill mats you can buy on the market.

Non-stick mats will save a lot of unnecessary hassles. You wouldn’t have to worry about trying hard to flip something anymore. The non-stick coating will help you so that you can grill without any worry.

Temperature Rating:

Not all mats can endure the same level of temperature. Most of them work around 500°F, some even at 600°F. However, there is general restriction forbidding to go beyond 600°F while grilling.

When choosing one, you need to consider your cooking style. If you want to cook your food hard, then go for them as the grill mats can withstand 600°F. Otherwise, 600°F grilling mats would be overkill if you do not want to use them to their full potential.

500°F mats are fine too, for general grilling standards. They also pose fewer risks of damaging than the higher ones, because they are exposed to low heat.


In general, 0.25mm is the average thickness of grilling mats. Depth has a part to play in heat distribution and temperature rating.

The thicker mat can endure more heat. But it slows down the heat distribution. Resulting the mat takes a longer time to get ready for cooking. On the other hand, thinner mats distribute heat quickly but get damaged at the higher temperature.

If you are part of the general populace, the average 0.25mm thickness should be enough.


CoF is the coefficient of friction. CoF is the measure of how much resistance the mat creates when cooking on it.

Think of it like texture. Some may be plain and slippery; others might have some rough grill cooking surface. Rough texture helps keep food on the mat if the grills get unwanted shakes because the rough texture causes friction.

On the other hand, few have a simple texture. They are very easy to cook on and clean due to their simple texture. They would not cause any friction when you want to flip a patty on them. Rough surfaces get little food pieces on food stuck in them.

Health Certification:

This is, by far, the most important aspect to look at thoroughly. The non-stick coating we told about, in the early days, used material that would produce PFOA. Exposure to PFOA increases cancer risk.

After this information was discovered, the manufacturer shifted to PFOA free methods.

When buying, always check what material was used to make the grilling mat. Do not buy it if it produces PFOA. Look for FDA approved grill mats to be safe.

Best Grill Mats Reviews: Our Honest Recommendations

Grillaholics Grill Mat – Set of 2: Best Overall

Highlighted Features:

  • Ideal thickness
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty

It is the all-rounder of grilling mats. This is our top pick because of top-notch quality and there is also one backup in the package in case one breaks.

This one will last at least a few years if you do not overheat it. It is very durable and made with heat resistant PTFE material. It also has an optimum thickness and even reusable. They were made with simplicity in mind. Grillaholics provides a lifetime warranty for this product.

Anything that lasts long certainly worth the money so is this product. It is safe to use because it is PFOA free. It heats up fast due to the optimum thickness. What makes this great is their re-usability.

The best thing about this is the manufacturer’s confidence in providing a lifetime warranty. Manufacturers would not place so much confidence in a product if they did not ensure the quality.

This mat will show you its worth when you cook sticky foods on it. You can cook sticky stuff like chicken breast, fish with ease.

Are you tired of cleaning up after grilling? This grill mat is easy to clean as it is made from high-quality PTFE material. Just hand scrub with soap water or put them in the dishwasher and forget. They can endure temperatures up to 500°F, which is generally enough. You can use them in charcoal, gas, or electric grills.

Right now, this tops the best ones in the market.


This product is worth the money. If you are serious about grilling or often find yourself cooking, then you should definitely try this.
If you still have doubts and want something heavy-duty, then read about what users are saying about this grilling mat.


  • Size: 75 x 13 inches
  • Thickness:25 mm
  • Heat Capacity: 500°F
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Material: premium heat resistant PTFE- Fiberglass coating, PFOA free


  • Top chef-approved
  • Easy to clean
  • Reusable


  • Non-stick spray gets absorbed

Kona BBQ Grill Mat: Best Heat Resistant

Highlighted Features:

  • Heat endurance up to 600°F
  • Thickest among its peers
  • Able imprint grill marks
  • 7 years warranty

Kona grill mat can withstand very high temperatures. It can adapt itself to your sophisticated cooking style. We picked this item because it can survive rough usages.

It is more durable than other products because of its thick material. It has a unique texture that will give you different cooking experience. Its size is convenient enough for most of the grill sizes.

You can use it with your grill without any hassle. Its unique texture keeps food from slipping off the mat. It also makes this mat easy to wash. You can use it more than 1000 times for its premium build quality.

‘Delicious’ and ‘convenient’ echo with this one. It’s innovative, no fall design comes with 7 years guaranty. Its high heat endurance allows you to cook freely. Rising grill flare ups do not hurt it because of its thickness and durability. It can work on all three charcoal, electric, and gas grills. Once you have it, you are set for a long time.

This is as rugged and tough as they come. Its durability and heat endurance puts it among the bests.


If you enjoy experimenting with grilling, you can try this with many ranges of heating. If you need grill mats for gas grills, this will work too.

In case you like lightweight, you should take a look at this mat.


  • Size: 16 x 13 inch
  • Thickness:39mm
  • Heat Capacity: 600°F
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Material: PFOA free High concentration and thickness of PTFE (Teflon)


  • High peak temperature
  • 7 years warranty
  • Unique texture for easy cleanup


  • Takes longer to heat up
  • Too thick

Smaid Copper Grill Mat: Most Efficient

Highlighted Features:

  • It can be used for baking
  • Can be easily cut and reshape
  • Won’t need any extra fat or oil
  • Money-back guaranty

It has a copper sheet as the core. The sheet has the ideal thickness for grilling. The re-usability and build quality of this product is the main reason that put it on our list. It will go a long way if used properly.

The copper grill mats are very well built and easy to cut. This mat can resists heating up to 500°F. It is not expensive, also reversible. Which means you can use both sides. Heat spreads pretty fast on this product. This sheet needs very little oil to cook anything.

If the size does not satisfy you, you can easily cut it to your liking. These metal utensils need a minimum oil and fat, so food gets to be healthier. You can also use it in the oven to bake.

The copper sheet distributes heat pretty fast and evenly. This item will save you fuel because copper is a very good heat conductor. You can use both sides of this item to cook. It is made from PFOA free high-quality material, so there is no health risk. This mat can create grill marks on food too. It is easy to clean due to the Teflon coating.

This is a good choice as it last years when properly used.


If you do not like to wait for the mat to get heated, this mat will serve you well. These copper grill mats are unique compared to other grill mats which might interest you


  • Size:15.75 x 13 inch
  • Thickness: 0.25 mm
  • Heat Capacity: 500°F
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Material: PFOA free PTFE-Fiberglass coating


  • Easy to clean
  • Cooks with less fuel
  • Not expensive


  • Coat deteriorate on rough use
  • You can not fold it

Chef Caron BBQ Grill Mat: Best Versatile

Highlighted Features:

  • Extra-large area
  • Very smooth
  • Made from great materials
  • Best coating

This is a top choice of professionals because of its great CoF (coefficient of friction). This product is made by a chef himself, which sets a unique standard. This item meets everyone’s standard then and some more.

This has the best CoF among the mats. It has got a perfect amount of PTFE coating and an ideal thickness of 0.25mm. It also maintains a professional standard in every aspect.

Professional chefs prefer this because of its smoothness it provides when cooking. Its perfect coating makes it durable while keeping it thin. You can cut it into enough pieces because it comes with an extra-large area.

This mat meets the standard professional requirements. Not many can claim they are produced by a chef. This makes it unique in this category. This lightweight gem can be used indoor and outdoor equally. It provides a great taste with almost anything from egg to veggies and everything in between.

This mat provides relief to the buyers because it meets all criteria for grilling.


This item satisfies all the grilling standards. This is recommended for everyone as it is a top choice for professionals. Another item that has a chef’s recommendation is this one.


  • Size: 17 x 13 inch
  • Thickness: 0.25 mm
  • Heat Capacity: 500
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Material: PFOA free PTFE coating


  • Low price
  • Gunk resistant
  • money-back guaranty


  • Leaves juice

Aoocan Grill Mat: The Cheapest

Highlighted Features:

  • Large cooking space
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Three burners
  • Built-in thermometer

This is a favorite multi-purpose mat for grill lovers who love to experiment with everything. It is safe to use and temperature resistant. Whatever you want to cook, it can do it.

Versatility is the top quality of this grilling mat. High-quality PTFE material is used to build this. Aoocan grill mat can resist heat up to 500°F. This will work with gas, charcoal, electric grill.

Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. High-quality material allows it to heat up to 500°F. This helps with cooking almost anything. You can put anything you like the grill on this mat without any second thought.

Do you want to grill egg? Pork? Meat? Veggies? This mat has got you covered. It can cook everything you put on it while making you look like a professional. It is compatible with all kinds of grills. You can wash it in a dishwasher or by hand. It is very easy to clean because of the high-quality build material.

This one is a jack of all trade, and it is worth it.


If you dream of grilling anything and everything that is in front of your eyes? Never afraid to experiment with cooking new food? This one is definitely for you.

If you grill your food by the book, this is what your like-minded peers recommend.


  • Size:75 x 13 inch
  • Thickness:0.20 mm
  • Heat Capacity: 500°F
  • Non-stick: Yes
  • Material: PFOA free fiberglass fabric coated PTFE


  • Cheapest among the best
  • Can cook anything


  • Designed to last around only 100 uses

Are Grill Mats Safe To Use?

While looking for the best grill mats to buy, never forget to check the build material.

While ago, some materials used in building these products used to produce PFOA when heated. Since the link between PFOA and cancer has been found, manufacturers slowly adopting methods and materials that do not produce PFOA. Most are PFOA free these days.

Look for FDA approved grilling mats, they are safe to use.

Are Thicker Mats Better?

The answer really depends on what you are looking for.

Thicker mats usually last longer due to their extra thickness. The downside is sometimes they do not get evenly heated, some spots remain relatively colder. However, this is not the case for all thicker ones. They have a high heat rating and also last longer.

No, thicker does not mean better. The ideal thickness is assumed to be 0.25mm. Although thick mats might suit you for your specific activities.

Can You Use A Grill Mat On A Charcoal Grill?

Yes, you can.

Most of the mats can be used on a charcoal grill. But be careful, do not put the mat directly on the fire.  If you put it too far out, foods might not get sufficient heat. On the other hand, putting too close to the fire will ruin your mat.

Look at the instructions or manual, the optimum distance to keep between fire and the mat will be given there. Normally, most of the manufacturers recommend keeping a 5-7cm distance between mats and fire. 

How to Clean the Best Grill Mat?

Once you have the mat, you wouldn’t need to pay much attention to clean the grill itself. But now you have a mat to clean. When cleaning, follow these steps,

• Get warm water. The warmer, the better.

• Put soap or dishwashing liquids into water.

• Put it into the water. Keep it like that for 40-50 minutes.

• When the water has cooled enough to get your hands on, scrub the mat with a sponge.

• Do not use any kind of abrasive material.


These are the best bbq grill mat available on the market. You can pick any of them that suits your need. Certainly, you are going to notice the difference when you use them. Once you have found the one, you might look for a grill mat for deck. But that is for another day.

For, now have fun grilling with the best products market has to offer.

Happy grilling.