Any outdoors devices are the most exposed ones to the weather. Your bbq grill machines are not out of the fact. So you need the best grill cover to ensure the longevity and to protect your grilling machine from dust, wind, rain, and other harmful outdoor elements.

By checking out this honest review along with the buying guide, you will have clear ideas about different types of grill covers and will understand which one to buy for your specific grill tool. Let’s scroll below and check what you have got below. 

What Is The Best Grill Cover?

Grill cover (alternatively named BBQ cover) is a protective material that keeps your barbeque machine safe from dust, wind, rain, residue, and other foreign body parts. These covers are made of PVC, polyester, or oilcloth.

In general, it is somewhat a big tarpaulin that covers the entire grill machine. These BBQ tarpaulins prevent the damages caused by any bad weather that can harm your BBQ grill.

Here in this article, you will get to know all about the grill covers, how to select the best one, and our top 7 recommendations of the best grill cover you can buy according to your grill machine.



  • Made of custom-fit PVC-lined Oxford material
  • Elastic Hem cord ensure adjustment for snug fitting
  • Heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric
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Homitt Gas Grill Cover with Handles and Straps

Homitt Gas Grill Cover with Handles and Straps

  • Heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric construction
  • Water, snow, dust, UV and wind resistant
  • 58-inch 3-4 Burner grill cover
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Classic Accessories Veranda Water

Classic Accessories Veranda Water

  • Air vents decrease the condensation and wind lifting
  • Padded handles ensure easy fitting and removal
  • Perfect Elastic hem cord with Toggle
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Here are the other best grill covers you can buy:

The Best BBQ Grill Accessories You May Need

Why Use A Grill Cover?

You should use a Grill Cover to safeguard your grill from harsh weather, or raccoons, squirrels, and any threat from furry enemies. They come with groups when you are not in the backyard, licking up drippings or grease and make your grill horribly messed up.

Aside from that, a good grill cover prevents rust which is stubborn to clean. When you see the prevalence of rust then the overall lifespan of your grill comes to decrease remarkably. The raindrops cause water spots to leave marks on the grill surface as well. Therefore, a waterproof grill cover turns out to be a repellent shield.

Why Should I Cover My Grill?

You should cover your Grill because you don’t want it to see decaying before its expected lifespan. For example, a grill may serve you the next 5 years but without the grill cover, the grill is never going to hit that expected years to withstand.

Aside from that, a bbq grill cover keeps it smiling, shinning, and won’t allow settling any unwanted marks. A proud grill owner like you won’t see to decay your grill soon so you should cover your beautiful grill.

When to Use Grill Cover?

A grill cover is a pretty essential item that you should look for just after purchasing your grill. Without a Grill Cover means a precious thing leftover without guards. Whether you keep the Grill outdoor or indoor, you must shroud a cover.

In all climates, a good grill cover is a necessity. No matter where you live like dry climates, coastal line climates, or a place with great humidity, in every nook and corner, you must need to shroud the cover.

Top 7 Best Grill Cover: Our Honest Review

MASTER COOK BBQ Grill Cover – Best Overall

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Highlighted Features:

  • Made of custom-fit PVC-lined Oxford material
  • Elastic Hem cord ensure adjustment for snug fitting
  • Heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric
  • Covers 44″H X 55″ L X 23″ W
  • It comes with 1 year of Warranty 
  • Double stitching across the corners

Review Summary:No matter where you reside or where you place the patio outside in the worst weather, Master Cook BBQ Grill Cover will take care of it. Because, it can easily withstand UV rays, Wind, Snow, and Water. This is why we pick this grill cover and bring it in the first place here. 

Master Cook Manufacturer designs this shield-like cover to fit on any Grill Brands like Charcoal, Weber, or Master Cook itself. Therefore, while buying this item for your patio, you may feel free to put it on your grill. 

The main reason to bring it at home is because of its heavy-duty PVC lined oxford material. The PVC coat makes it UV & tear-resistant both. 

As we have mentioned before that the grill cover easily fits on any brand or surface, so you may have a question like how the stuff is done.

Well, the grill cover includes an elastic hem cord with toggles that ensure the right adjustment to the different grill. As a result, you can customize the cover like tighten it or make it loose accordingly. 

The PVC lined fabric paves the way to stitch less and make it intake by minimizing the need for double stitching. Consequently, the overall lifespan of the cover will increase dramatically thus you may save your time and money both


  • It is a snug-fitting grill cover that fits almost every grill regardless of charcoal, bbq, gas grill, and easily deals with UV rays, water, or any harsh climate. 


  • In the long run, the elastic hem cord may not work out and there is no way of repairment of it.

Classic Accessories Veranda Water – Best Outfit Grill Cover

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Highlighted Features:

  • Air vents decrease the condensation and wind lifting
  • Padded handles ensure easy fitting and removal
  • Buckles strap adjust to tighten the cover with the grill legs
  • Storage pocket allows keeping your grill stuff
  • Perfect Elastic hem cord with Toggle

Review Summary:Veranda made this grill cover as an Umbrella like design and it fits on up to 55 types of a different size of the patios. Besides, you can utilize the cover for your outdoor furniture as well. The cover is made of heavy-duty durable polyester that it combats with the UV rays and water at the same time. 

So your grill will get the all-season protection out of it. Keeping this in mind, if you are looking for a grill cover that easily shrouds your grill and different shapes of furniture with perfection, then this one’s for you. 

Veranda beautifully designs the adjustable drawstring so that you can set your patio with tight-custom fit order even if your grill is a few inches shorter than the cover.

Furthermore, once you set the grill up with the buckled straps this will help to adjust the whole cover along with the grill or furniture legs. For that, the wind won’t be able to blow the cover and it will get fixed to it. This strap is clockwise so you can easily bend with it.

The cover comes with a storage pocket where you can keep your stuff and just beside it the padded handle will ensure convenience as well. It is completely watered tight cover and the air vents provide extra safety so water won’t sneak into the grill. 


  • It offers a padded handle, storage pocket, air vents, and more importantly, the double stitching polyester fabric.


  • Some pieces of the grill cover are specially designed for Weber grill cover, so you may not find it custom fitting for the rest of the grill brands.

Homitt Gas Grill Cover – Best Affordable Grill Cover

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Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy-duty 600D Oxford fabric construction
  • Water, snow, dust, UV and wind resistant
  • 58-inch 3-4 Burner grill cover
  • Handles and straps for better portability
  • Inter PVC with waterproof adhesive
  • Easy to use and clean features

Review Summary:Though the Homitt gas grill cover is made of heavy-duty 600D oxford fabrics and premium quality material, it comes at an affordable price. You don’t need to spend more bucks on buying separate covers if you change your existing grill as it fits the most popular grill brands. 

The extra-large dimensions of this barbecue grill cover and perfect grill cover sizes have made the unit compatible with the most grill brands. It will save your money, no matter if you buy a grill by Holland, Jenn Air, Weber, Brinkmann, or other brands.

Its durable construction and PVC layer prevents your grill from any damage caused by water, snow, dust, UV, and so on. The UV coating and several resistance features keep your grill clean and always look like a new one.

It features comfortable handles and two winded Velcro straps across the edges of the cover. Hence, it may help you fit and remove it from your grill easily. 

Cleaning the cover is as easy as using it at any weather condition without the risk of blown away by the winds. The cover is also rip-resistant and you can use it for a longer time with the help of the double sewn stitches alongside the edges.  


  • Beautifully designed so the grill cover amazingly fit on any bbq grill and a great affordable choice for all with the high-quality waterproof liner inside the grill. 


  • Although it sounds UV protector, the cover loses its true color and thus fades away after a year later

Garden Home – Best Outdoor Grill Cover

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Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with securely padded handles with Velcro straps
  • Splash guard skirt easy to shroud and protective
  • Adjustable elastic hem cord tightens the grill with a cover
  • With large zippered front pocket ensures more space to keep something
  • Made of 600D waterproof, all-weather support grill fabric
  • UV coating prevents damage from strong sunlight

Review Summary:If your large patio gives you a hard time to settle it outside, then bring on the best outdoor grill cover-Garden Home. It is specifically designed for those who often make the party in the backyard and don’t bring the spacious grill inside. Keeping this in mind, we pick this grill cover to you as a protector with waterproof air vents and many more features.

As you cover up the grill using this fabric so it has to be in a well-built manner. So the manufacturer made it from high-end 600D fabric. This kind of fabric is capable of withstanding the wind, cold, bugs, heat, rain, snow, or any other harmful insects.

This will ensure complete coverage and the Velcro straps along with handles make sure to have secure coverage.

Once you come back to remove the cover, you need to provide minimum effort to clean it. The overall maintenance is easy and convenient for you, all you need to do is to hose it down with water for rinsing and dry it under the sun.

When most outdoor grills have many cons with settling up in the backyard with some important features the Garden home comes with the essential features.

They are durable interlocking seams, large zippered front pocket, adjustable elastic hem cord, and more importantly the click-close straps that ensure secure placement.


  • Garden Home grill cover stands out from many grill covers with its weather-resistant 600D polyester hydrophobic fabrics and thus it may easily withstand the harsh weather.


  • In winter, it may combat snow but don’t forget about mildew because you will need to get your own hands on it.

Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover – Best Snug Fitting Grill Cover

919ZCPcgipL. AC SL1500

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 Different variant sizes fit on almost every grill
  • Heavy-duty PVC-lined Oxford material 
  • Fabric hoop and loop straps aid to bend it against the wind
  • Stormproof elastic bends 
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee 

Review Summary:Grillman comes with universal compatibility. With its velcro straps, it easily hoses the grill into it. So, once you put it on then you get to see the snug-fitting cover, no matter what the grill model you have.

The secret of this ease of compatibility lies in 5 different variants of the cover so if you choose the right pick for your cover, then you will definitely get the snug-fitting

And, that’s not all. After the ease of fittings, this will be a perfect cover in all weather conditions. If you ever come to buy any grill cover before, then you must have heard of the PVC lined oxford material.

Yes, this is the best material out there in the market, and Grillman fabric made of it. The material allows the grill cover to be waterproof, UV resistant and amazingly this won’t fade over the time. 

As we have just claimed it to be fit for all weather conditions, so you will get to see results by dint of buckles and Velcro straps.

These help to withstand the cover against the storm, snow, or any harsh climate in certain periods of the year. With its super durability, you will still get a lifetime replacement guarantee that makes it worthy to buy right away!


  • When a grill cover fits on any grill and safeguards your grill no matter, you keep it indoor or outdoor then it is definitely worth buying, and that’s all about a Grillman.


  • Some users claim that the tip of the cover faded after a year, however it wasn’t torn out.

VicTsing Grill Cover – Best Dustproof Grill Cover

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Highlighted Features:

  • It comes with 5 variants suits for all grill types
  • Effectively fade & dust resistant 
  • Rip Proof high-density stitches
  • Straps tighten the grill and secure it
  • 45 days of refund policy
  • Double handles ensure easy fitting and removal
  • 1-year of worry-free guarantee ensured

Review Summary:VicTsing Grill Cover comes with the best polyester fabrics which layer is a bit thick and thus easily deal with dust or mites. As you get to see your BBQ grill cover often fade away its color, then VicTsing Grill Cover would be the best alternative for you.

It comes with 5 variant shapes of cover and those almost fit to any grill regardless of the brands. 

The fade resistivity is a rare feature and this feature is unique when you will compare to others. The solid black color looks great and the pigment of it is so durable that it remains for an indefinite period. On the other hand, the fabric type is of 600D family which is so popular for its durability. 

Furthermore, the double stitches enhance the durability a lot. For that when it comes to windy weather the cover won’t rip out. The cover handles along with the straps tighten the grill and so on you may see a snug fitted grill cover.

Finally, when you get to buy it, then you come to know they will offer 45 days of refund warranty along with 12 months of guarantee. This secure purchasing is really praiseworthy!


  • VicTsing Grill Cover is a fade & dust resistant umbrella for your grill, and with its high-density stitches it becomes rip-resistant too.


  • It is a fade-resistant cover but over the time the color fade away

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover – Best Weber Gas Grill

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Highlighted Features:

  • Solid Stitching Bound Edges
  • Dirt & Crack resistant
  • Velcro strap included for wind resistance
  • Free grill tong, thermometer, and brush included
  • 60 days of refund policy
  • 3-year of big Warranty

Review Summary:There is a large number of Weber fans so we bring this last grill cover for them. Kingkong is for you when you have a Weber Genesis line-up grill and you need a definite cover that will come to fit in. Hence, the only choice left for you with the Kingkong gas grill cover. 

This Kingkong is specially designed for Weber Genesis E & S Series Gas Grills. The outer layer of it is made of heavy-duty polyester and PVC both and the inside layer contains air vents. One of the great features is having such UV coating that won’t damage under harsh sunlight. 

You may keep it outside no matter summer or winter it will turn out equally effective in all weather conditions. Furthermore, it is easy to store, easy to clean and you may easily wash and dry it in a day. 

What’s the best part of this grill cover? Well, the one and only unique feature of it is to have the grill tong, brush, and thermometer. You will find these precious accessories once the package will come to your door.


  • A rare edition grill cover that is available with accessories and nicely fits on your Weber Grill. Besides, it ensures UV, dust & water resistance with heavy-duty fabric.


  • Only fits Weber Genesis E and S Series gas grills.


Best Grill Cover Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Gas Grill Cover?

When choosing a gas grill cover, you will get to see there will be so many types. With your budget constraints, choosing the right one seems not easy. However, if you will come to know what to look for while buying the right gas grill cover, then you can move on your way easily. Therefore, let’s tell you the key determiners of a gas grill cover below:

Well-Sewn Material

The best grill cover material offers you with the all-weather compatibility. The overall lifespan seems good also it prevent water to get in, a perfect water repellent cover. At the same time, this water-proof cover also ensures to stay the grill away from rust.

Keeping this mind, the Double stitching cover is always a preferable choice. Because this kind of cover is sewn perfectly that can block any leakage. Consequently, it becomes the best quality-driven shield for you.

Snug-fitting Size:

This would be the key important factor while buying a grill cover. The proper size of it would be snug-fitting and easily fit within the grill surface. So never choose either too small or too large shaped grill cover.

Even if this kind of size comes to fit, the cover will wear down quickly after constantly whipping on it. Furthermore, large covers easily gather a lot of dust underneath it. Therefore, buying a cover that would be snug-fitting should be your main concern.

UV & Dust Protection:

When your beast will be at an outdoor, the grill cover saves it from sun rays, so it becomes a UV resistant shield. In the windy condition, it turns out to be dustproof. The Sunrays in dry weather cause damage to the surface of the grill so you must opt for a good choice indeed.

Air Vents:

There is a preset number of air vents come with a cover. These air vents make it water-tight, keep the right airflow, and more importantly, elongate the overall lifespan. Again, having air vents features never allow any germs to the harbor at the surface so it saves you from the unseen enemies.

Additional features:

When you will afford to buy an expensive pick then don’t look further to have it. As it comes with more air vents, properly sewn in multiple stitches, easy to clean, and many more benefits. By the way, a good pick often comes with some additional pocket where you can keep your tools as well.

How to Use Your Grill Cover?

Learn the ways of utilizing your grill cover on the following conditions:

• A grill cover safeguards your grill from the ash paste. This forms while rainwater mixes with Charcoal ash and you will find it at the base of the grill.

• When you have a propane gas grill and you keep the grill in your backyard on a winter night, then the propane tank may have some moisture issue. Therefore, covering up the grill will protect it from moisture and winter dews.

• Keeping your grill outside without covering it up may hamper the surface from moist or it will turn out grubby. Also, rust will come to grow on it and a naked grill welcomes furry friends to come in and make parties. So you should use a cover and avoid such horrible danger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes a good grill cover?

A good grill cover comes with a number of air vents, double or triple stitches, Water-proof and UV resistant, and many more benefits.

How long should a grill cover last?

Grill cover doesn’t come with any expected lift time. As you don’t need to shroud it all the time the lifespan would be kept abreast with the grill itself.

Are grill covers waterproof?

yes, absolutely, one of the main features of every grill is to have waterproof compatibility.

Should I cover my grill after each use?

Yes, you should cover once you are done with your culinary work.

Do grill covers prevent rust?

Gas grill covers don’t allow prevailing rust and it is a great protector indeed.

Do I have to cover my grill in winter?

In Winter, you should cover your grill especially when you keep it outdoor.

What is the best grill cover material?

Vinyl cover is the most popular pick as it saves from waterfall, snow, and rust.

What size grill cover do I need?

To do so, make sure you come to know the size of your grill first and then choose a cover accordingly.

Our Top Pick Again



Hopefully, you have already got all of your answers about the best grill cover. We pick several popular covers that have already won many hearts. For further ado, make sure you check the brand, materials, durability, and preferably your affordability. A good cover does not only, protects your grill but also, looks aesthetic. Lastly, choose the best deal and make your neighbor envious!