When you own a grill to bake your chicken or having fun with your friend while outside camping, it is important to have an excellent quality grill brush and a grill cleaner along with your grill machine.

Old burnt sauces and grease can make your freshly grilled food taste bad and awful. Therefore, a best grill cleaning brush is always handy to not only clean the grill grates after every bbq but also to maintain its hygiene factors and make it last longer.

To make your grill brush buying easier and more time-saving, in this article we have listed and discussed some of the best grill brushes available in the market that also make worth your every penny.

Why Should You Buy a Grill Brush?

A grill brush or a grill cleaning brush, whatever you call it, is a tool to clean your grill after you are done using it. This is a must-have staple in your grilling toolkit as it is important to maintain your health as well as the taste of the food; a messy grill can make the working area smell terrible (because of the burned grease), make your food taste bad and attracts insects and flies that make the working area severely unhygienic.

Buying the Best Grill Brush: The Features You Need to Consider

Finding the best grill brush might not be as difficult as you might have assumed. You just need to know what to look for when buying a grill cleaning brush to score yourself the best one.

Below, we have discussed the necessary features that you should keep in mind while searching for a cleaning brush for your grilling tool.

1. Construction

Look for a brush that is made from either wood, high-heat plastics or steel as these materials are not only sturdy and durable but they are also lightweight and super easy to maneuver. Moreover, as these construction materials are not a good conductor of heat, the cleaning brushes made with them are super safe and fire and heat resistant.

Also, make sure that the head and the handle of the brush are firmly attached so there is zero risk of breaking the brush while cleaning the grill.

2. Bristles Type

In recent times, manufacturers offer both bristles brushes and bristle-free brushes to provide you with the opportunity to choose according to your cleaning preferences.

The “bristle-free” grill brushes use a continuous strand of wire to form the cleaning surface instead of using bristles. Remember that, even though the bristles free brushes are not the most efficient tool to remove stubborn grease and residue from grill grates, they are safe and hence, worth considering.

On the other hand, the most commonly used bristles are:

  • Stainless steel bristles: Stainless steel bristles are the most common type of cleaning brush bristles available in the market. They are tough and durable and considered as the most effective ones to clean cast iron and stainless steel grill grates. The stainless steel bristles are also corrosion-resistant which adds to their extended durability.
  • Brass bristles: Brass bristles are more expensive and that’s why there are not as commonly used as stainless steel bristles. These bristles are also softer and wear out faster making the brushless durable.

3. Handle Length

The best time to clean grill grates is when they are hot. And to clean such blazing hot grates, you need a cleaning brush that comes with a long handle (minimum 12 inches) to keep your hands at a safe distance. Otherwise, you might expose your soft skin to the heat and suffer from burns and harm.

4. Built-in scraper

Find a grill cleaning brush that incorporates a built-in scraper. Even though the brush bristles do an amazing job at removing debris from your grates, a scrapper can get into the corner and clean them better.

Best Grill Brush Reviews: Honest Recommendations

After extensive research and reviews, we have found the best grill cleaning brushes available in the market, which we have discussed below so that you can find out everything you need to know. However, trust our honest opinion and buy according to that. You will surely thank us later.

GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper

Type: Best Overall Grill Brush

  • Comes with stainless steel bristles.
  • Incorporates a strong push grease scraper.
  • 360° Rotation Facility.
  • 18 inches long handle. Suitable for gas, porcelain, cast iron, and stainless steel grills.

The Review:  This Grill Brush and Scraper from GRILLART ended up being our top favourite because of its amazing features and its ability to clean grill effortlessly.

To start with, the tightly packed bristles of this tool is made from stainless steel material to not only clean the grates effectively but also to make sure that the brush lasts longer than usual.

The stainless steel grill brushes are rust and corrosion free which means that the bristles will remain damage-resistant and would not make your grates suffer. Moreover, these bristles can scrape off sticky sauce residue or burned bits of food attached to the grates with ease and comfort.

Another unique feature of this grill cleaning brush is that it comes with three separate brushes that are arranged side-by-side allowing you to clean a larger area of the grates at once. The 3 different brushes not only make your cleaning routine easier but also a lot faster (5x faster than any ordinary barbeque brush).

Additionally, as this cleaner comes with a 360° rotation features, it provides immense cleaning power with every stroke. This also makes the 3 brushes flexible enough to reach between the grill grates and wipe off both the top and sides and even underneath every bar with a single swipe.

The safety of this brush is also something to talk about. GRILLART incorporated an 18 inches long handles which makes sure that your hand is at a safe distance and won’t be affected by the heat from the blazing hot grills. Also, the high-quality, non-slip material of this handle ensures that it will not fall off or break even under the great pressure, which adds to its durability.

Because of its “out of the world” cleaning abilities, this cleaning brush can also be called as the best stainless steel grill brush available in the market.

Summary: With its stainless steel bristles and 360° rotator head, you can clean even the most stubborn debris and leftovers from each corner of the grill easily and effectively. Also because of its cleaning skills and rust-free surface, this GRILLART Grill Brush is suitable to scrap every type of grill grates available. The 18-inch handle also is a plus for safety concern.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Length: 18 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 18 x 3 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 12.6 ounces
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Brush Head: 3 in 1
  • Insulated Handle: Yes
  • Non-slip handle for a strong yet comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and doesn’t hurt the hand
  • Tightly woven wires prevent any fall off
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Can be a bit wider for smaller grills

BEST Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Brush

Type: Budget-friendly Grill Brush

  • 3 side by side brushes for effective cleaning
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • 360° Rotation Facility
  • 5x faster cleaning and scrapping results
  • Can be used on any kinds of barbeque grill

The Review: Even though this BEST BBQ Grill Brush is super affordable and won’t cut deep into your pocket doesn’t mean that it comes with fewer features. In fact, its amazing construction, as well as other features, is determined to clean any of your bbq grill grates super efficiently and make them as fresh and hygienic as a new one.

From Char-Broil and Weber, Big Green Egg to Porcelain, Ceramic, Gas Grills, Charcoal, Smokers and Infrared grill – this brush can scrap of any kind of burned oils, food residue and other debris from the grates surface easily without causing any scratches or damage to them.

Moreover, as it comes with 3 side by side brush heads integrated into one and sturdy stainless steel bristles, this cleaner can clean your grill 5X faster and quicker. Also, because stainless steel is corrosion and rust-resistant, your grill, as well as the brush head, remain intact and super long-lasting.

Another excellent feature of this brush is that it comes with an 18 Inches long comfortable handle that keeps your hand at a safe distance from the blazing hot grill grates and allows you to clean it while it’s still hot and “easy to clean“.

Summary: This is a high-quality best bbq grill brush, which comes with stainless bristles to remove food, grease and other residues with minimal effort and shortest possible time. It also leaves the grill surface unscratched and undamaged.  It comes with three brushes incorporated in one and is five times faster than any conventional grill brush. This brush is made from woven steel and that’s why it is super sturdy and doesn’t bend or snap.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Length: 18 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 17.7” x 5.9” x 2.2”
  • Item Weight: 10.4 ounces
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Brush Head: 3 in 1
  • Insulated Handle: Yes
  • Soft Comfortable Handle for additional handiness
  • Lightweight and doesn’t hurt the hand
  • Strong and sturdy; doesn’t bend
  • Hanging loop for easy storage
  • Can be used on any kinds of barbeque grill
  • Lifetime is not that much great.

Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush

Type: Best Bristle-free Grill Brush

  • Comes with a 3 in 1 bristle-free brush head
  • Has 360° head rotation facility
  • Suitable for all types of grills
  • Includes an 18 Inches, extra-long handle for safety

The Review: Though this brush is a bit expensive and doesn’t come with bristles like many other grill brushes, it won’t fail to impress you with its best quality grates cleaning performances.

This brush is specially designed for the grillers who are looking for a safer option for their ceramic or porcelain-coated grates and are also worried about the metal bristles falling out and getting stuck to the grates.

From stainless steel and cast iron to Porcelain, Ceramic, Infrared, Weber and Char-Broil grills, you can use this brush to clean all kinds of grill grates out there safely yet effectively.

The 3 in 1 brush head and the coiled, woven wires of this bristle-free brush can remove burned oils, greases and even the most stubborn food residue from the most “hard to reach” part of the grates and wipe them off super clean so that your bbq look as shiny as a new one.

Moreover, as the woven coils are made from pure stainless steel material, they won’t rust or corrode and make your cleaning brush last for a long period of time.

Summary: This Kona Safe/Clean brush uses stainless steel coils instead of metal bristles for a safe yet super functional cleaning session. This high-performance grill brush is designed to clean a wide range of grill types and makes sure to wipe off every little piece of dirt and burns from the grates. Moreover, this innovative cleaning brush features a triple coil design that allows it to scrap and clean a large area of the grill with every single pass making it as fast as any grill brush with bristles.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Length: 18 Inches
  • Item Dimensions: 17.5″ x 4″ x10″
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Brush Head: 3 in 1
  • Insulated Handle: Yes
  • Heat-resistant handle for safe yet effective use
  • Steel hanging loop for better convenience
  • The strong, sturdy construction ensures no bending or breaking
  • Doesn’t have any sharp edges for maximum safety of the user
  • A 10-year money-back guarantee period ensure excellent service
  • It doesn’t reach the corners of the grill very well.

Kona 360 Clean Grill Brush

Type: Grill Brush for Cast Iron Grates

  • Stainless steel bristles for perfect cleaning
  • The 60% stronger bristles won’t become flimsy or fall out
  • 3 in 1 brush head with 360 Degree rotation for all direction cleaning
  • 18 inches long, insulated handle for safety
  • The handle features a textured pattern for a non-slip grip

The Review:  Cast iron grills work great but they start to rust and get damaged when they come in contact with water and when are not cleaned well. This 360 Clean Grill Brush from Kona is the best brush for cast iron grill because it not only rubs off any food residue, burned oil and other debris from the grates but it also makes the grill super clean to ensure that it has a longer life span than usual.

Aside from cast iron grates, this amazing brush is also an excellent option for people who want a clean grill but want it cleaned faster. The 3 in 1 brush head design with its tightly woven stainless steel bristles scrapes stubborn oils, greases, and other leftovers efficiently and quickly so that you have a clean, shinning bbq grill in no time.

This brush can clean the top, bottom, and sides of each bar without removing the grill top using a minimal number of passes so that you put less effort to enjoy the maximum outcome.

Another great feature of this brush is that it comes with an 18-inch long handle that helps you to keep your hand at a safer distance from the grill. This handle also has textured finger placement to make sure that the brush doesn’t slip off from your hand and cause any unfortunate events.

Summary: This 360 Degree Kona Clean Grill Brush with a 3 in 1 head allows you to clean all sides of your grill grates quickly yet and thoroughly. Its stainless steel bristles scrape and remove even the harshest deposits from the grates without damaging your grill. These bristles are also rust and weather resistant so that it lasts longer than any regular brush and provide the best value for your money. Furthermore, the stainless steel bristles with its amazing cleaning ability make it suitable for all grill types, including Porcelain, Stainless Steel and even Infrared.

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Length: 18 Inches
  • Item Dimensions:18 x 4 x 10 in
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Brush Head: 3 in 1
  • Insulated Handle: Yes
  • Cleans in all direction with the same force and care
  • Lightweight yet well-balanced for excellent performance
  • It offers a 360-degree cleaning facility
  • Has two different color options to choose from
  • Comes with a 5 Year “No Hassle” Warranty period
  • May rust if not taken care of properly

Are Grill Brushes Safe?

A grill brush is one of the easiest and effective ways to clean your dirty barbeque. It is safe and secure when the brush comes with a long handle and doesn’t have wire bristles.

Doctors state that the wire bristles brush can be extremely dangerous to human health. The bristles from these types of brushes often break and fall off. The broken wire might remain in the grill grates and later on get stuck to your food. If you take such food items (that has wire in them), the wire has the potential to get stuck into your throat or even worse, get into your intestine exposing you to extreme health hazards.

According to a study published in 2016, between the years 2002-2014, an estimated 1698 people visited the emergency room due to wire-bristle injury.

However, it’s not as dangerous as it might seem. If you opt for a grill cleaning brush that comes with super tightly woven bristles which are securely put together in place, it is less likely they would fall off and cause any unfortunate situations.

Also remember that, even when you use the best grill cleaning brush, we would suggest you inspect the brush before every use. Look carefully if it appears worn or having any missing bristles. If it seems to have missing bristles, it is more likely that it would shed more of them. It’s better not to clean with such brushes.

Moreover, don’t forget to check the grill grates before you cook to make sure that there are no stray bristles clinging onto the grates waiting to get stuck in your food.

Which Grill Grates are the Best?

Grill grates are made from several different materials so that you can choose the one according to your budget and needs. Some of the most common grill grates materials are:

Stainless Steel: Grates that are made from stainless steel are extremely durable as well as affordable. You can use them for years to come if these grates are cleaned and maintained properly. These grates tend to get hot and hold the heat better so that you can enjoy consistent cooking.

Cast Iron: The most experienced and dedicated grillers prefer bare cast iron grates because they not only gain heat super-fast but also remain hot for a long period of time to cook your barbeque faster and more even. But the downsides of these grates are that they are extremely heavy, corrosion-prone and come with a hefty price tag.

Porcelain: Grill grates are not made with porcelain; they are coated with this material. But the porcelain coating has a nasty habit of chipping away easily exposing the stainless steel or cast iron underneath. The underneath metal then gets exposed to moisture and catches corrosion easily.

After knowing the characteristics of the grate construction material, we would suggest choosing either pure stainless steel grates or pure cast-iron grates according to your expertise level and budget.

What is the Easiest Way to Clean Grill Grates?

  • Start off your cleaning process right after you are done cooking on your grill. It is the easiest to clean a grill when the grates are still hot and the oils and sauces are still liquid.
  • Brush off the grates actively to remove any food residue, burns, and other debris.
  • Once you are done cleaning all the grates, coat the surface with peanut oil and let it sit for a while. The peanut oil will help prevent rust.
  • After 12 hours or the next day, once your grill is completely cooled down, clean all the ash out of the kettle.
  • The next time you wish to use your barbecue again, light the fire and let the grill get hot. The heat from the fire would burn off the old peanut oil that you applied while cleaning the tool.
  • When all the oils are burned, scrap the grill with a cleaning brush once more and add another coat of oil to make it ready for your next cook.

How Do You Clean a Grill without a Wire Brush?

If you don’t want to use a brush but still want your grill to be clean and hygienic, then there are several ways to do so. Some of them are discussed below:

Use a Leftover Onion

It might sound a bit weird, but onion can clean your grill grates as no others can. After you are done cooking on the grill and grates are still hot, cut an onion into half and with a barbeque fork; scrub the grates with the cut side. The acidic enzymes from the onion will break down grease and wipe your grates clean.

Clean up with Aluminum Foil

Another great alternative to clean your grill grates is an aluminium foil. Grab a handful of aluminium foil and make a ball with it. Then using a grill tong to hold the ball, scrub the grates with the ball to scrub away oils and leftover foods.

Use Your Steamer

If you have a portable steamer at home then you might have the best tool to clean your grates with minimal effort. Bring the steamer outside and use it on the grill to wipe off any stubborn debris that isn’t coming off with other cleaning methods you have tried before.

Final Words

Before inviting your friends and family over a bbq night, make sure that your grill is thoroughly cleaned with one of the above-discussed brushes so that your food tastes better and your guests are also happy.

The best grill brushes that we have listed and talked about above are undoubtedly the finest in the market and we are sure that you won’t be disappointed after you purchase one according to your grill type and other requirements.