If you are a seasoned grill lover or a novice looking into grilling, pandemic probably hurt you like the rest of us. Like others, you could be looking for some normalcy, and grilling with family might be the tonic of solace for you in this restless time.

Due to the economic situation, it might not be the right idea to splash a ton of cash for fancy grills. We have looked into the market for you and made a list of the best gas grills under 200 to save you some time and the pain of searching. These cheap gas grills will save you money and help you find something normal in this desperate time.

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Why Do I Need a Budget Gas Grill?

The Safest place for grilling might be your backyard or some sparsely populated area considering the coronavirus situation. No matter which one you choose, the budget gas grill will come in handy in both scenarios. It not only saves you money when you buy it but also afterward when you use it. You might wonder how?

The fuel cost is cheaper than charcoal and electricity because you will be using gas. You can even hook your grilling machine to your home’s gas line. Also, these machines are effortless to clean up. They also provide better control of fire, which is a secret of efficiency.

You might want to start with cheaper grills if you do not have prior experience. A study suggests that Americans do not use the same grill for more than four years. If you take proper care, these machines will last at least 3-4 years. This gives you plenty of times to discover your grilling tastes.

If you find that you do not enjoy grilling, it will not matter. The reason being it will cost you only 200 dollars, unlike an expensive 1000 dollar machine.

If you are one of them who enjoy basic grilling, budget gas grills are tailored for your needs. These grills are not packed with unnecessary features. They are designed to be sufficient for basic grilling sessions.

As they cost less, you will be sacrificing some things. The biggest of them is the build quality. Most of the cheap grills have average build quality. They also tend to breakdown with little rough usage. These machines need very good care to make past 3 years old.

Best Gas Grill under $200 – Our Honest Review


Top Pick - Weber Q1000

Runner's Up - Coleman RoadTrip 285

Best Budget - Royal Gourmet PD1300

Other Consideration 1 - Char-broil Grill2Go X200

Other Consideration 2 - MASTER COOK Classic







Surface Area

189 sq inch

185 sq inch

325 sq inch

200 sq inch

473 sq inch


Cast Aluminum

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

Stainless Steel

Ignition Type







Rounded Tube





Drip Tray













Limited 5years

Limited 3years

1 year

Limited 5years

1 year

Top Pick – Weber Q1000

Highlighted Features:

  • Light-weight
  • Infinite Control Burner Valve
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame
  • Push-button ignition

This grilling machine has excellent build quality. It is our top pick because it outshines most of the grills in almost all matrices.

Top Features

A very interesting feature of this grill is Infinite Control Burner Valve. This valve hands you the complete control of temperature. The machine is built of premium cast aluminum. The frame is made of glass-reinforced nylon and features push-button ignition. This ignition system uses batteries to ignite the gas. The catch pan of Weber Q1000 is removable. Above all, the design is very ergonomic and aesthetic.

Infinite Control Burner Valve will allow you to adjust the temperature as you wish. Due to the light build material, this grill is very light-weight and small in size. So, you can carry it with you anywhere without much hassle.

It will last very long because of its sturdy build. The push ignition will relieve you from all well-known problems you used to face with inferior ignition systems. The ergonomic design multiplies the fun a few times while the aesthetic view makes it pleasing to look at.

Why is this the top pick?

Did you face a problem in the past to ignite your gas grill? Well, no longer. It has been taken care of with a good ignition system. If you wish to have your barbecue in the backyard or on a mountain campsite, it is portable enough to accompany you everywhere. It covers almost all the aspects a grillmaster might be looking for in a gas grill.


  • Surface Area: 189 sq inch
  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Ignition Type: Push-Button
  • Configuration: Portable
  • Dimension: 14.5″x27″x16.5″


  • Efficient at using fuel
  • Very portable
  • Cooks evenly


  • The regulators have a bad reputation
  • Low heat Limit


When the sun is shining, the air is breezing Weber Q1000 will be a perfect companion. You will find all the necessary features in one place. This is truly one of the best gas grills under $200. It is recommended to both enthusiasts and novices. You can visit this page of amazon to check out how it performed in the respective user’s backyard.

Runner’s up – Coleman RoadTrip 285

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Instastart ignition
  • Collapsible design
  • Integrated thermometer

This is a very well-built piece of work. We put into the list because it has exceptional portability and design.

Top Features

This natural gas grill provides many features if you consider the price range. It has a collapsible design. The grate is coated with porcelain, and the structure is made of stainless steel. The cooktop is interchangeable. Its side shelf can be slide inside. Moreover, this product has a matchless ignition system.

The collapsible design makes it very portable. Due to the cross like stands, it is very space-efficient. The ignition system will allow you to ignite this grill with a button’s push. So, forgetting to bring matches is no longer a problem.

The Porcelain coat on the grate will help to keep your food safe and tasty. It is easily portable because of both exceptional design and material.

Why is this our runner’s up?

You might have a question, why is the product our runner’s up. We had a tough time deciding between the top pick and this one. As you see, they are very much on par with each other. But we had to put it into second place because it has a shorter warranty than the top pick. Also, it has a more complex mechanism in place than the top pick. So, you will have to put more effort into taking care of this propane grill.


  • Surface Area: 285 sq inch
  • Material: Cast iron
  • Ignition Type: Push-Button
  • Configuration: Outdoor
  • Dimension: 33.8”x13.5”x 19.1”


  • Easy to assemble
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Good flow control system


  • Rust prone
  • Weighs a bit heavy


This is an excellent product with features like collapsible design, sliding side table, gas flow control system, etc. but needs extra care. We recommend this to grill enthusiasts. If you are an enthusiast, we are certain you will take proper care. Here you will find some of its minute details.

Best Budget-Royal Gourmet PD1300

Highlighted Features:

  • One of the cheapest
  • Very simple build
  • Porcelain-coated grate
  • Weighs 6 lbs.

This liquid propane gas grill made our list because it is very affordable and has features like Piezo ignition system.

Top Features

All three burners in this product have a separate control. The manufacturer used the Piezo ignition system. This system uses electrical discharge to light up the gas. The grate is porcelain coated, and the body is mainly made of stainless steel. It also offers a large cooking area and a built-in drip tray.

As both burners separately offer 9000 BTU, the total BTU output is 27000. Don’t worry; you will not burn all the food you put in because each heater is separately controlled. You have a Piezo ignition system built-in so you could stop worrying about starting a fire.

Another useful feature is the built-in drip tray. Those days are gone when you had to worry that you might lose the tray. You don’t have to worry about rust anymore because the manufacturer used stainless steel to make this.

However, this item makes sure you have all the necessary features to grill in peace. It gives a fierce competition to every other grill in the market at a low price. You are getting the whole package at very low rate.


  • Surface Area: 325 sq inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Ignition Type: Piezo ignition
  • Configuration: Portable
  • Dimension:2″x18″x9.5″


  • Good at cooking multiple items at once
  • Good for all kinds of food
  • Easy to assemble


  • Regulators often go bad
  • Difficult to clean


Right now, this is the best budget gas grill you can find in the market. Though it could be considered a whole package, it has drawbacks too. While three burners help with cooking, they add complexity in maintenance. Another lacking point is the manufacturer only provides one year of warranty. You will find few more useful tips from current users. These tips might be useful to keep the grill running beyond the warrantied year.

Other Considerations – Char-broil Grill2Go X200

Highlighted Features:

  • Infrared cooking
  • No flare-up
  • Built-in gauge
  • High impact frame

This one is picked because it provides a decent experience, but the user will have to compromise a few things. Before telling you the drawbacks, let us allow to tell you what you will get in this product.

Infrared is its main feature with a very rugged build and a built-in temperature gauge. Infrared helps to cook without losing any juice from the meat. The grilling grate has an optimal design.

This char-boil machine uses infrared as an additional heat source while ensuring that you will not see fire flaring up because of the grate’s unique design. A built-in temperature gauge will save you some money.

The Compromises

This product has a bad reputation for having questionable regulator quality. The minimum temperature is much higher and hard to control. The minimum temperature is much higher and hard to control. Instead of this model, you should check out Char Broil classic 280 or Char Griller e3001 Grillin Pro. Both of them have a large cooking surface area, but Grillin Pro has cast iron grates and a side burner. You may also like Char Broil Classic 360 for its side shelves, durable cooking grates, and stainless steel burners.


  • BTU: 9500
  • Surface Area: 200 sq inch
  • Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum
  • Ignition Type: Push-button
  • Configuration: Portable
  • Dimension:7″x 15″x13.6″


  • Infrared works great
  • Perfect for 3-4 people
  • Excellent flare control


  • Overheating
  • Regulators have shown bad performance


This is a decent machine if you are willing to make a compromise. If you are not regulator and temperature-sensitive, then this will give a good experience. It is recommended to people who like rough and tough adventurous experiments. Take a more in depth look to check if it really fits you.

Other Considerations –MASTER COOK Classic

Highlighted Features:

  • Large cooking space
  • Piezoelectric ignition
  • Three burners
  • Built-in thermometer

Although the performance is up to the mark, and it has a large 473 square inches of primary cooking area, we put it into other considerations because of a few drawbacks.

The main problem is it has only one lighter. So, you must light the middle burner to light up the other two. We consider a major convenience issue. Another turn off is that the product has an average build quality and got a warranty for only one year.

However, the Master Cook Classic has a cooking area on 473 square inches of cooking space. This 3-burner liquid propane gas grill has piezoelectric ignition system and a porcelain-coated grate. This one also boasts of a warming rank and two side tables.

This one is great for the backyard and party because of the large cooking area. The warming rack will keep the food warm long after you have cooked them. The Piezo ignition system and porcelain-coated grate will serve you for a long time.


  • Surface Area: 473 sq inch
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Ignition Type: Piezo ignition
  • Configuration: Outdoor
  • Dimension: 30”x20”x41”


  • Ignition system is one of the best
  • Great for novices
  • Easy to setup


  • Average build quality
  • There is only one lighter


This product offers features like fancy grills but has average build quality. If you plan to replace your grill in a few years, we would recommend it to you. Check here to find how to utilize it to one hundred percent.

Best Gas Grills under $200 – Things You Need to Consider (Buying Guide)

The Best Gas Grills Under 200

There are many cheap grilling machines out there are in the market. Most of them have questionable quality. But the best economy gas grills are easy to find if you know what to look for. For top-rated natural gas grills under $200, look for these features thoroughly when you want to buy one.

Surface Area: Deciding the right surface area is essential. The surface comes in various shapes and sizes. Carefully pick one the suits you best. If you are going to grill for a few, you would not need something big. But, if you are going to serve a party, a big surface area will be your best friend.

Build Material: Longevity of the grill depends on build materials in a lot of ways. What materials are used and how they are being used plays a vital role. Usually, stainless steel performs the best when it comes to longevity. Then comes aluminum, porcelain coated cast iron, and iron.

Heat Flux: The most manufacturer will try selling with the BTU of the machine. In case you do not know, BTU means British Thermal Unit. It is an old way of calculating heat emission. But, only using BTU is not a good idea as they do not give a clear picture. It is better to bring in the concept of heat flux. Which means, how much heat comes through per inch of the surface. You just need to divide the total BTU by the surface area to calculate heat flux. Optimum heat flux is between 31 and 80.

Burners: There are many burner variants. Such are single burner, single tube burner, double burner, etc. Professionals and enthusiasts both recommend double burners. Because they are easy to maintain and heats just enough area to satisfy the party.

Configuration: Portable and outdoor are the two mainline of gas grills. Portable tabletop grill needs fuel carried. While outdoor machines usually support both indoor gas supply and tank. The choice depends on how you plan to barbecue next weekend.

Gas Type: Two gas types you can use are natural gas and Liquid Propane Gas. Some grilling machines will work with both, some with either one. The ones that support natural gas can be easily hooked up with the main gas line. To use propane gas, you will have to use the tank.

Ignition: Gas grills have many types of ignition systems. From electric to manual ignition, you will find many models in between. Some of the well-performing ignition systems are piezoelectric, instastart, push-button systems. The Piezo ignition systems are very well tested. You should consider the ignition system according to your place of cooking. Even manual ignition might feel easy in the backyard, but, anywhere outside, failed ignition will make you suffer.

Brand: When buying cooking accessories, the brand name will always affect. After all, they have been in the business for so many years. In the case of grills, brand names will do justice. Most of the big businesses have been consistent with their product for a long time. Relying on them will not be a bad idea.

Warranty: Many types of warranty are placed on these machines. Good cheap grills have a warranty range from 1 year to 5 years. The most company provides 1 or 2 years of full warranty and next 1-3 years limited warranty. Get a clear idea of the warranty you are getting.

Propane vs. Natural Gas: Which One to Choose?

You might get confused between the use of Propane and natural gas. As grillers are divided into two factions, it’s easy to get confused. Let us help to clear things up.

Propane vs. Natural Gas

The interesting thing is that Propane is extracted from natural gas. It has a higher concentration of energy. The same amount of Propane contains at least 2 to 3 times more energy than natural gas.

Though Propane has more energy concentration than natural gas, natural gas tends to be cheaper, which is a big reason for its popularity.

It is up to you to find you, which is more viable at the end of the day. If your area has a natural gas supply, it might be beneficial to use natural gas. If you want portability and more heat, Propane might be a suitable option for you.

The Right Size and Cooking Area

Finding the right size for the grill is one of the essential things to consider. Because you will have a long queue at the barbecue event if you get one with a smaller size. If you get a bigger size, you will have to carry the extra weight for no reason. The bigger size will also take a good chunk of your house space.

Gas Grill Under 200 The Right Size and Cooking Area

Before considering the cooking area, get an estimate of how many people you will be serving. Then multiply it by 1.5, and that the right cooking area for you. Remember, there is no point in having a vast cooking area if you serve 3-4 people.

Keep In Mind before Cooking

Grill Seasoning

Even the best gas grills under $200 need to be looked after properly, just like other expensive grills. Some useful things to keep in mind before cooking:

  • Seasoning: The grate needs seasoning along with foods too. Seasoning a grate includes a thorough cleaning, getting rid of debris, and oiling the grates.
  • Fire Safety: Never compromise with safety when using fire. Keep safety equipment close in case things go wrong.
  • Preheat: Preheating is essential. Gas grills usually need 10-15 minutes of preheating before using.

Here are some more things we encourage you to do:

  • Reading the Manual: Reading the instruction manual is very important. You will often find something very interesting or useful in the manual.
  • Leak Test: Always do a leak test at regular intervals. It will help to avoid accidents.
  • Understanding the Control: Take your time to understand the controls and setting of your grill. This will give for a better cooking experience.

Things not to do:

  • Grilling Too Much: Do not cook too much food at once. Too much fat drip at once might cause a flare-up.
  • Leaving Unattended: You are literally playing with fire. Never leave it unattended even for a minute.
  • Using Wrong Tools: Make sure you are using the right tool in the right way. Using the wrong tools will make the experience far worse.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a good gas grill for under $200?

From our research, we think Weber Q1000 is a good gas grill under $200.

How long should a gas grill last?

Depending on the level of care, 5 to 15 years.

What is the best time of year to buy a gas grill?

Anytime around September and June. You will get many discounts and great deals around this time.

Are Weber gas grills worth the money?

If taken proper care, yes.

Is grilling on a gas grill healthy?

Yes, it is healthy. You can also check out flat top propane gas grill for other cooking methods, and they are available at an affordable price point.

Does the Piezo Ignition System use external power?

No, it uses an internal power source.

What is a BTU?

BTU means the British Thermal Unit. 1 BTU = 1055 Joule.


We have picked the best inexpensive grills so that you and your bank account can have a good time. For the economic situation, it is better not to spend too much on expensive ones.

We hope you have found your desired, the best gas grill under 200 that fits your need. If taken proper care of, these cheap gas grill could serve you well for many years. Hopefully, you will have a great time will all these cheap gas grills without making a hole in your wallet.