Emma comes with a new technique but not a master in it. She used to spill a lot of oil, and thus she messed up her cooking. As a result, when the surface flares up with high flame, the excess oil spoils her dish.

What possibly could she do with cooking? The anniversary day is chasing her like a nightmare, and before that she will have to cook a pair of steaks, burgers and pancakes for Jim.

Well, if you are facing the same heck and want to sort it out, then this article is for you. We are going to introduce the best flat top grill that will incredibly let you cook your favorite dishes even though you are not mastering at them

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What is a Flat Top Gas Grill?

A flat-top grill is a perfect outdoor patio that resembles stainless steel griddle. It looks circular in shape and convex to some extent, right at the center. The convex area is the main attention as it is designed in such a way, so the excess oil or grease will pop out at the outside and easily disposed of eventually.

Having the scorching temperature in no time and avoiding excess grease are the main reasons why people love this shape of the outdoor flat top grill. It brings the divine taste, but the con is with the least smoky flavor.

Why Use a Flat Top Grill/Griddle?

Before spending 100 dollars and becoming satisfied with it requires to know about the type of patio, you are actually looking for.

If you are looking for a special patio that would be the combo of grill and griddle, then buying it seems satisfactory to you. Again, it is the best in portability as it is lightweight and easy to carry for camping, hiking, or in your backyard. On top of that, many of us love to have this right away.

On the other hand, a flat surface grill with an open surface that is easy to clean up; you just need to put it on high flame and use a spray on it. A few minutes later, the stubborn residue will come out with the help of a brush.

Also, this stainless steel grill is friendly for grease management. As there would be no mark of searing, so less grease will come to grow. Definitely, you minimize the hurdles during cleaning when you won’t find the tough grease across the crevices.

Find a grill cleaning brush that incorporates a built-in scraper. Even though the brush bristles do an amazing job at removing debris from your grates, a scrapper can get into the corner and clean them better.

Best Flat Top Grill – The Review

1. Best Overall: Blackstone 1554 Restaurant Grade Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle

Features We Like:

  • Heat zones are adjustable.
  • Large cooking area.
  • Quick ignition button for hustle free start.
  • 4 stainless steel burners.
  • 4 caster wheel for easy movement.
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use.

Why we select this at our top list

The main reason we’ve selected Blackstone 1554 Flat Top Gas Griddle at our best flat top grill for its larger cooking area and adjustable heating zone. There are a very few flat top multiple burner gas griddles where you can find both of these features. The flat top area has 720 square inches of cooking space, which is large enough for a family of four or more.

But what do you do if you want to cook a small batch in this large area? Or what to do when you need to cook completely different meals which require different heat at the same time?

You then just have to adjust the heating zones as 4 of the burners can be controlled separately. So, none of your food gets burnt. The same goes for when you want to cook for small batches, you do not need to turn on all of them together.  You can only use one or two burners if there is no need to use the whole area altogether.

The main benefits

We have mentioned it has 4 adjustable heating zones, which offer the heat capacity of 15,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU. More of that, four of them can be controlled separately. It will allow you to cook low heat meals and high heat meals at the same time.

Though it offers a large area, do not get afraid thinking of the cleaning process. It is easy enough to clean because it comes with a large frontal grease drain, which will ease your after-cook cleaning job.

To storage food, it also provides two wide enough side table. Not only that, but you will also find another beneath the main counter. So there is no need to worry about the storage system or bother with another extra table for that.

If you are a messy person and do not want to bother with charcoal, match, or kerosene, then you can certainly go for this because it is easy to assemble. It comes with a battery powered push button so that you can start it with just one push of your fingertip.

However, the magnificent stainless steel construction gives the flat top grill amazing longevity and durability. Therefore, you do not worry about buying another one in a short period of time.

Is this the best bet?

If you look at the price and the features, what you are getting is obviously this Blackstone flat top grill is the best bet. This Flat Top Gas Griddle is perfect if you have a big family and enjoy partying together often.

The only drop-down is that the grease trap leak sometime. But it will not be a problem with you if you pay a little more attention while cleaning. Other than that, the whole thing is worth your money.

Summary: If you look for the same features in other griddles, you might have to spend a lot of money for that. So, you are getting outstanding value for the price in this flat top griddle. However, it is simple to use that anyone can cook in it. You are going to love your cooking experience more than even with Blackstone 1554 Restaurant Grade Outdoor Flat Top Gas Griddle.


  • Exterior materials: Painted steel
  • Cooking grate material: Steel
  • Burners: 4
  • Heat produce: 60,000 BTUs
  • Grilling Area: 756 square inch
  • Dimension:   40 x 25 x 14.5 inches


  • Larger area for cooking.
  • Adjustable heating.
  • Easy to use and assemble.


  • Griddle top is not made of stainless steel.
  • Frontal grease drainage leak sometime.

2. Runner’s Up: Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station

Features We Like:

  • Vast space for preparing large meals.
  • Comes with four independently controlled burners.
  • Each burner provides 15,000 BTU heat individually.
  • Enable you to cook a variety of dishes at once.
  • It has a removable cutting board and a paper towel hanger.

Why we select this at our Runner’s up

In this model, Blackstone is providing a really huge space of 36 inch which enables you to cook a large range of food. Because it comes with four burners, and you can control them individually. The storage area is also vast as there are two shelves, one is under the main cooking area, and another one is on the side. Though it is a big griddle, you can move it easily as it comes with four-wheel with each stand. With all of its features and considering the price it offers, this is our best budget Blackstone outdoor grills

The main benefits

When it comes to cooking for a large number of people quickly, you are going to need a large griddle. Blackstone 36″ flat top gas grill Cooking Station is giving you exactly that as it comes with 720 square inch surface to cook into.

It has four fine quality burner, each of that have a heat capacity of 15,000 BTU. That means you can cook different kinds of meals at once. Here you can cook meals that need high heat flow as the total BTU it is giving you is 60,000 BTU.

Along with this, the battery-powered ignition system enables you to use and assemble the griddle so easily that anybody can cook in it. It has an inbuilt grease chamber, which makes the cleaning process much easier.

The storage area provided by the griddle is also huge. On both sides, it has one shelve and one cutting board rack. Beneath the cutting board rack, there is a garbage bag hanger and a paper towel hanger. Both of this is a unique feature you can rarely see in a tabletop griddle.

Is this the best bet?

If you like to keep things organized even in the time of the party of a big gathering, then yes, this is one of the best flat top grills for you. This griddle provides you all the features of the best quality flat top griddle along with some extra organizing features that are not available in most of the griddles in the market. You will obviously get the best value of your money if you choose to buy Blackstone 36″ Propane Gas Griddle Cooking Station. For a limited budget, you can check out Blackstone 28 inch model.

Summary: Blackstone 36″ is one of the perfect flat top griddles with all the benefits of high class, quality features. If you are looking for a griddle for large family gatherings and partying in your backyard, then without any doubt, this is for you.


  • Dimension: 62.5 x 22 x 36 inch
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Surface area: 720 square inches
  • Burners: 4
  • Heat capacity: 60,000 BTU


  • Large surface for bulk meal prepping.
  • Easy ignition system.
  • Easy organizing features


  • Heavy for moving around.
  • Sometimes the grease chamber leaks.

3. Best for Camping/Best Table Top: Blackstone 17-Inch Table Top Grill

Features We Like:

  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy cleaning system.
  • Take little space to store.
  • 260 square inch cooking area.
  • Best for camping.

Why we select this at our top list

Blackstone 17-Inch Table Top Grill is portable and convenient to carry in any type of camping. It takes very little space, and one pound propane is enough for cooking. It is easy to use and hustle free, exactly as you need when you go out camping. It comes with an H shape burner which distributes the heat properly on the surface.

The main benefits

Think wisely, when you go for a camping what do you want the most? The answer must be to spending time with family, roaming into nature, or spend quality time overall, isn’t it? But what if most of your time goes into cooking and all the prep into the woods with extra jostle. Is that really what you want? If not, this is the table top griddle you are looking for.

This 17-inch griddle is so easy to carry and use, that it will turn your cooking time into a fun time. Moreover, not only breakfast but you can cook almost anything in it.

It comes with a grease try for easy grease disposal so that you do not have to think about the cleaning process that much in your camping. You can also flip the griddle top upside down for storage.

Lastly, the H shape stainless steel burner provides 12,000 BTU heat, which distributes evenly throughout the griddle.

Is this the best bet?

If you like to go to camping but do not like the hustle of cooking, then this is obviously the best bet for you. The griddle makes the cooking process easy that the food will be ready before you can realize it. Other than that, if you want a variety of food in your camping, then this one can provide you that. Maintaining and cleaning it is also the easiest job a griddle can offer.

Summary: Blackstone 17-Inch Table Top Grill is the perfect and one of the best flat top griddle for any kind of occasion or event. Though it is portable, it allows you to cook multiple items at the same time. Supper easy to carry for an outdoor enthusiast because there are only a few griddles with storage systems like this one.


  • Griddle Surface: 268 square inches
  • Burner: 1
  • Shape: H
  • Heat Produce: 12,000 BTU
  • Box Dimensions: 21 x 20 x 8.75 sq. inch
  • Assembled Dimensions: -17.5 x 8.5 x 18 sq. inch


  • Portable and easy to assemble.
  • Even heat distribution
  • Comes with grease disposal box.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • Lack of performance in windy conditions.
  • Heat output is average for some high-temperature recipes.

4. Combination Grill and Griddle: Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and Griddle, Restaurant Grade

Features We Like:

  • Extra-large surface with folding shelves.
  • 604 square inch griddle surface.
  • 501 square inch grill surface.
  • 4 stainless steel burners.
  • Effortless ignition system.
  • Non-sticky and leaves no spot.

Why we select this at our top list

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill and Griddle actually comes with a large enough space to feed your whole neighborhood if you are facing a problem with not being able to make enough food on time in a party or a large family gathering than this might be a wise choice.

But only with a flat top griddle, the variety of your food will be less. That’s why Camp Chef offers you an amazing interchangeable flat top griddle and grill grate. You’re getting a steel top, and beneath that, there is a grill grate for making your meals versatile.

The main benefits

While you can make a variety of meals in both the flat top griddle and grill grates, you can make large batches together along with that, because of its enormous cooking area which is 501 square inches for the grill and 604 square inches on the griddle.

Moreover, you can adjust the heat as you need with four adjustable stainless steel burners. Each of that provides 12,000 BTU heat. So the overall cooking power you are getting is 48,000 BTU, and four of them can be controlled separately.

It comes with foldable shelves that you can use for prepping the food or just use them before serving. You can also fold one or both of them if you feel like you do not need that as it provides two more space beneath the cooking area.

Last but not least, it comes with an easy push-button ignition system for a hustle free starting and saves your time and effort.

Is this the best bet?

If you enjoy cooking for a crowd often, then yes, this is the best bet you can get for your money. Because it is designed that way so you can cook large batches of food effectively in comparatively in less time. It makes the whole process a lot easier for you and makes your cooking experience a hundred times better. Not to mention the variety of food you can make by using the camp chef.

Summary: This 360 Degree Kona Clean Grill Brush with a 3 in 1 head allows you to clean all sides of your grill grates quickly yet and thoroughly. Its stainless steel bristles scrape and remove even the harshest deposits from the grates without damaging your grill. These bristles are also rust and weather resistant so that it lasts longer than any regular brush and provide the best value for your money. Furthermore, the stainless steel bristles with its amazing cleaning ability make it suitable for all grill types, including Porcelain, Stainless Steel and even Infrared.


  • Weight: 139.6 lbs
  • Grill surface: 501 square inch
  • Griddle surface: 604 square inch
  • Berners: 4
  • Dimension: 62.5” x 22” x 36”
  • Powered by: Propane
  • Heat produce: 48,000 BTUs
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • Customized burners with even heat flow.
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Large area for prepping a bulk meal.
  • Easy management system.


  • Do not come with a grill cover.
  • Only two legs have wheels.

5. Best Electric Griddle: Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

Features We Like:

  • Non-sticky large surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 22-inch surface.
  • The compact size makes storage easy.
  • Comes with a removable drip tray.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Affordable price.

Why we select this at our Runner’s up

Compared to the other outdoor flat grill or griddles in the market, the price of Presto 07061 is considerably low. At this low price, you are getting large cooking surfaces with a sleek design. Its non-sticky surface will give you ease when it comes to making breakfast or any other food you want to prep for your family. As it is non-sticky, cleaning the griddle is much easier than others, and the sleek design makes it easier to store.

The main benefits

The main and first benefit you are going to get from this griddle is the non-stick cooking zones. This option makes your meal healthier as it makes the use of oil minimal. The surface is durable, lightweight, and rigid. Besides, the pan is 22 inch which is plenty for any kind of meal.

It comes with heat control, which is removable. By using this, you can control the heat for any kind of mean you wish to make at a time. They have used The Control Master technology for controlling the heat to make it even all over the surface. It requires 1500 watts and cooks the food fast. Plus, the removable feature makes it super easy to clean.

The handles are also removable, which makes the storage much easier. The drip tray comes with it collects all the grease. Both of these features enable you to clean the griddle in no time.

Is this the best bet?

According to the price and the feature you are getting, this is the best bargain. The size is eligible for cooking for the entire family yet compact to store it easily. The look is slim, sleek, and stylish, and durable. Cleaning it takes no time at all. So most certainly, you are getting the best value of your money.

Summary: Non-sticky surface, easy cleaning, easy storage, compact size, even heat, all that makes outdoor flat top griddle a complete package for the best value of your money. Besides, it allows you to cook for the whole family in a very little time as the large surface it provides.


  • Dimension: 12 x 22 x 1/4 inches
  • Heat capacity: 200-400 degree
  • Power: 1500 watt
  • Temperature control: Automatic
  • Warranty: 1 year 


  • Large non-sticky surface to cook.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean


  • Sometimes it’s hard to store for the size.
  • Use a lot of electricity.

Best Flat Top Grill Buying Guide: The Key Features to Look

Best Flat Top Grill Buying Guide

There are lots of things you need to know about the flat top grill. For your backyard parties, this patio should come with some certain features that you can’t sacrifice at all. Well, what are they that you should look for? Let’s bring them below specifically one by one, so you get to know.

The Size

Normally a flat top grill area is not like a typical commercial shaped griddle. The popular pick is some around 24 sq inches. Within this area, you can easily roll on & toast the food then cook enough dishes at great ease. The flat range and circular shape allow you to put the steaks and potatoes together. That said, however, it sounds small compared to the BBQ Grill; the flat-top design allows you to sizzle different foods at a time. By the way, when it comes to choosing the bigger one, then you have the option to buy the flat top grill for a home kitchen up to 36 square inches as well.

What Types To Choose (Gas or Electric Powered)

Flat top grill either powered by Gas or it has an electrical outlet. To ensure more portability, the propane gas grill is good to go.

The electric model of the grill is not as effective as the flat top gas grills, but it allows you to cook versatile items indoor & outdoor both.

The commonly electric flat top grill comes with the least surface often whereas the gas flat top grill has more features and space.

Burner limitations: 

Just like other griddles, the flat top has options to choose between a different number of burners. Commonly the least is from 12000 BTU, and the maximum would be 24000 BTUs. It is you who will decide to pick the number of burners based on crowd-feeding or for small partying.

The greater number of burners means you are going to lose some convenience to bring out the patio outside as it becomes heavy-weight comparatively.

On the flip side, the con of a small packed flat top won’t stand out to control heat evenly and independently, compared to the larger one. Besides, the small patio doesn’t have a separate heat zone or side tables for preparation.


One of the main reasons people opt for any flat top grill is because of its portability. Also, it is popular among us as an outdoor patio, which is easy to take out and make some wonderful dishes.

For camping, it is going to save your trip due to its minimal space and ease of carrying. Besides, it is equipped with less sophisticated units; therefore, one may enjoy the convenience of it.

By the way, let not forget the unit is easy to take anywhere as the wheels under the horn of it. We recommend you to ensure the portable design and sturdy materials like wheels or other parts. It is because the grill won’t break out in a hard time of taking outside to the backyard or for camping.

Convenient To Maintain and Clean

Flat top grills are easy to maintain and clean remarkably compared to any traditional grills. There are no more griddles or racks on its surface, only the sheet of steel, which is very easy to clean and requires the least time as well.

Where traditional grates come with tons of crannies that stick to the cracks or crevices of a different part of it, the flat top grill has least out of it. On the other hand, this comes with a fair grease management system. It is as if you get the minimum food residue, and after a few splashes, the residue will be kicked off.

Right Thickness of Cooking Plate

Cast iron comes with the cooking plates in different thicknesses and types of materials. The materials would be either stainless steel or cast iron, and both sound good to go. Comparatively, the thickness of the cooking plate is a major issue to consider, and based on that; you are going to have consistent heating. Commonly, the quality-grade griddles are 0.70 inches thick.

Limitation while Cooking Foods

The flat-top grill is not a regular grill like the griddles. However, it brings convenience while toasting pancakes or burgers. So possibly you will run short of bringing more foods and cooking them using it. Hence, make sure you know the limitation of cooking food and then buy it. Don’t expect more than it can’t serve you unless you feel like the whole investment went in vain.

Are Flat Top Grills Good?

Well, there are a lot of things to tell about any flat top grill. But let’s start from the beginning when it arrives at home. Unlike BBQ grill, it is easy to fix just jump-start watching the manual and get it right away. No hassle and no need for any sophisticated tool.

We have mentioned before the ease of maintenance, like easy to clean and easy to place anywhere and cook divine food. Furthermore, the seasoning part is effective, and it takes minimum time after you soak it with just soap.

Finally, the key reason why outdoor flat grills are good for is to have portability and prepare foods by toasting different items on the surface. The beginner in cooking even can deal with it and would love to cook food at great rejoice.

Benefits of Flat Top Grill

If you want to know what key advantages come with any flat top outdoor patio comes with then make sure to pay heed here:

  • A flat-top grill allows to burn out excess oil & fat so healthier to cook items
  • A flat-top outdoor grill is easy to carry anywhere and anytime
  • It comes with ease of maintenance due to its grease catcher
  • The surface easily heats up, so it is quick and ready insanely no time
  • You may control the knob and arise it at high flame at once
  • This seems a great combo of griddle and grill
  • One may sizzle the steaks and prepare potatoes or other stuff all-together
  • It sounds efficient for cooking, affordable to buy compared to another line-up

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the best gas griddle to buy?

There are a number of flat top grill you may purchase based on reliability, durability, and, more importantly, affordability out of your budget constraints. We recommend you to choose a great brand like Camp chef or Cuisinart. These are the two best brands which are providing a wide range of line-ups with valuable grill master models.

Is cooking on a flat top grill healthy?

Flat top grill comes with an excellent grease management system. The surface is large, open, and easy to clean. If you spend five minutes cleaning up the mess before cooking, then this will be okay for you. Another reason to get a healthy toast of your food is that it is easy to maintain. You don’t need to put it in the backyard, and no fungus will grow across the surface at all. Besides, once you easily clean it up, there would be no chance that insects will make it their inhabitants. Consequently, this is a healthier option to cook food.

Can the weather affect my outdoor flat top grill?

Well, natural elements like insects may spoil your grill. Also, rats or raccoons may feel welcome when you place the grill uncovered in the backyard. Hence, what you should do is to properly store the grill safely indoors once you are done with cooking because you must protect it from snow, harsh weather, rain, and UV rays. 

Can the weather affect my outdoor flat top grill?

Well, natural elements like insects may spoil your grill. Also, rats or raccoons may feel welcome when you place the grill uncovered in the backyard. Hence, what you should do is to properly store the grill safely indoors once you are done with cooking because you must protect it from snow, harsh weather, rain, and UV rays.

Can I use any pots or pans on a flat top grill?

Fortunately, you may use any pans or pot on the open surface of the flat top grill. Unlike any grill, it doesn’t come with grates. So you may either put the pan or pots on it, or the surface would be good to go. By the way, there is no need to bring any pan or pot as the stainless steel surface works great.

What is a flat top grill made of?

This kind of grill is made of a simple piece of sheet that is lightweight but durable. For that, stainless steel lid is a great match of it, which is rectangular in shape and formed convex into the center. Therefore, excess oil easily flows outside. This kind of grill is either powered by propane or electrical outlet. 

Is a flat top grill better?

Flat top grill is better for the traditional grates in some cases. It is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and insanely portable. Besides that, a portable flat top grill is such a surface that heats up quickly and evenly. The best surface where you may toast juicy burgers and pancakes all together with large prep areas. Hence, it offers the preparation of a variety of food.

Wrapping Up

The best flat top grill provides you with a massive surface where you may enjoy excellent cooking. It is affordable compared to any line up whether you tell about grill or griddle. Additionally, it is a perfect outdoor grill during camping, hiking, or having parties with friends. We showed some of the top grill brands to you now it is your time to make a move and bring any of them at home. Hopefully, you are going to enjoy cooking in all weather conditions with zero maintenance.