Weber grills are known for their high quality, dependability, and Oh! High price!

A Weber is not the kind you wake up one day and decide I’m going to buy a Weber grill. They come at a premium price that can leave you sticker-shocked. That’s why we want to answer the question- Are Weber grills worth the money?

About Weber

Are Weber Grills Worth the Money
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George Stephen Sr., a man driven by a passion for grilling invented the kettle grill in 1952. Stephen was working for Weber Bros. Metal Works. at the time.

George Stephen had been using a brazier to cook at home when he was inspired by metal half-spheres used to make buoys at the metal shop.

He used two old sheets of metal to build a rounded cooking bowl. He then added a lid, a handle, and three legs to build the revolutionary charcoal kettle grill. With that innovative mindset, George sold his invention as “George’s Barbecue Kettle.”

Upon his success, George was able to buy out the Weber Brothers factory, which he later renamed to Weber-Stephen Products Co.

Today, Weber-Stephen Products LLC manufactures charcoal grills, gas, electric grills, and grilling accessories.

Why are Weber Grills so Expensive?

Why are Weber Grills so Expensive?

Weber grills do not come cheap. Most are priced a couple of hundred dollars more than grills in the same class. You’ll even find models priced for thousands of dollars.

So, why are Weber grills so expensive? And are Weber grills worth the price?

Well, Weber grills give you a promise of quality for generations. We are talking about the capability of passing down your lovely charcoal grill to your kids and so forth. This is because of the impressive build quality and excellent cooking performance that only a Weber can deliver.

Advantages of Weber Grills over Cheap Grills

  • Easy to Control Temperatures

One thing you can’t get from a cheap grill is temperature control. We all know that you need to master temperature ranges and control flare-ups if you are going to make the perfect barbecue. Being able to control temperature makes grilling easy.

For example, The SmokeFire E6, wood pellet grill has a 200-600 degrees F temperature range.

You spend less time fighting flare-ups and more time enjoying the grilling experience.

  • High-Quality Build

Is Weber a good grill?

Well, Weber’s grill quality is unmatched. You get a 10-year warranty on any Weber grill. The company uses high-quality materials meaning you’ll not find rusty parts 2-3 years after you buy it. Weber uses steel, coated in porcelain enamel for the exterior in most of its grills. Because the enamel is baked at 1500F, it can withstand grilling heat, and hold up against rust.

You’ll also not need to replace grates because they are made of heavy-duty, plated steel or stainless steel. Weber gas grills mostly use porcelain, enameled, cast-iron cooking grates.

  • Safety

If quality does not give you enough reason why Weber grills are the best, then safety will. Gas grills are the culprit here.

The persistent problem in cheap gas grills is faulty LP regulators. This problem is often seen on imported gas grills and has led to a recall of thousands of models in the last couple of years. A faulty LP regulator or a gas hose that disconnects can cause a fire explosion or poisoning.

Fortunately, you will never experience problems with Weber gas grills manufactured in the US. All thanks to the brand’s regard for safety and quality control.

  • Long-Term Value

Compare the price of buying a cheap grill every year to the value of purchasing an expensive Weber grill that will last decades. It’s a no-brainer most people prefer to go all-in for a Weber. It saves you the frustration of broken parts every summer.

Pros of Weber Grills

  • Innovative Design and Engineering

Weber continues to develop new technologies to improve your grilling experience. The company is investing in smart grilling technology to keep up with the competition. It has even filed patents for its technologies.

One thoughtful development is the addition of grease channels and self-cleaning on classic Weber grills.

  • High-Quality Materials

Weber not only uses porcelain-enameled cooking grates, flavorizer bars, and lids. It also has durable, rustproof seams from welds instead of fasteners.

  • Easy to Repair

It’s easy to repair a Weber grill. The brand offers service centers where you can have your grill repaired. If your grill is out of warranty, you can order replacement parts and use the grill’s schematics to repair your grill at home. It’s another reason why Weber grills are the best.

  • 10-year warranty

Weber stands behind their products. The brand will replace a damaged grill and will process returns including the shipping fee if you no longer want to buy a grill. It’s one way to answer the question- are weber grills worth it?

  • World-Class Customer Support

It’s nice to see a company that has invested in customer support. Weber ensures that you get a satisfactory answer and always follows up to ensure your problem is solved.

A customer reported they need to have their flavorizer bars replaced. Customer service replied via email saying the bars were still under warranty. The customer was asked to take pictures of the rust, which he did. Weber reviewed the damage and sent the bars a few days later.

  • Assembly is Straightforward

All Weber grills are assembled through easy-to-follow picture-by-picture assembly instructions. The assembly is designed to be smooth and problem-free. There’s even a 3D app that you can download to talk you through the assembly process.

Cons of Weber Grills

  • Cast-Iron Grates are heavy and difficult to clean

Cast-iron grates are heavy. They are difficult to pick up and move when cleaning your grill. They also take longer to clean than stainless steel grates after each use.

  • A decline in Quality after Outsourcing Manufacturing

Currently, Weber is not manufacturing its grills entirely in the US. Most of its production plants are outside the US, but assembly is done in the US. Although Weber grills are quality and assurance tested, some people feel the overall quality has declined since the company started outsourcing production.

  • Glitchy Technology

Weber is investing in grilling technology, but the technology has glitches and is unreliable in real life. The Smart Grilling Hub and the Weber Connect System were designed to monitor your grill and adjust it from your smartphone. However, they are prone to disconnecting.

This feature makes it hard to depend on them if you want to monitor your grill remotely.

Are Weber Grills Worth the Money?

Yes! Weber grills are worth the money.

While they are more expensive than grills like Char-Broil, we can’t do a cost comparison without considering the design, reliability, and how long a Weber grill lasts.

Weber grills last a very long time. Most people rave about owning a Weber grill for more than 10 years having replaced only the grates, flavorizer bars, and ignitor.

A cheap grill will need replacing in 3-4 years because it’s also difficult to get replacement parts for cheap grills.

Apart from quality, Weber grills are made to be super easy to use. From temperature control to excellent airflow and ease to clean, Weber grills are a master griller’s dream.  

What Weber Grill Should I Buy?

So, you are ready to invest in a Weber grill. Congratulations! You are investing in all-around dependability in unmatched Weber grill quality.

Whether you are preparing for a backyard barbecue with friends or Superbowl Sunday, you will find a Weber grill to meet your needs.

But Weber grills are not created equal. This section covers Weber grill reviews to give you an overview of the best Weber grills on the market.

Weber Spirit E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill – Best Weber Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill – Best Weber Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill is the best grill for beginners. It has three main burners totaling 30,000 BTUs. 

This model replaces the original Weber Spirit to give you solid ignition. It lights up with no hassle and gets extremely hot super quick.

For the price, you get 329 sq. in. of cooking space, an even heating surface, and a propane tank scale which you can use together with the Weber iGrill 3 temperature probe.

This grill is well-built with porcelain-enameled cooking grates to sear your steaks to perfection. It comes with flavorizer bars that catch drippings that smoke to add the irresistible smoky flavor to your food. It also features reversible grill plates so you can grill delicate dishes on the thin side.

Overall, the Weber Spirit E-310 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill is enough for a family dinner or a small party. It offers versatility in your grilling technique. It has an excellent price-feature value such that it does not have unnecessary add-ons that you’ll probably never use.

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill – Best Weber Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill – Best Weber Charcoal Grill

If you are looking for authentic smoky flavor, grab the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill. You’ll find this grill hassle-free to use. It means you don’t need any expertise to get killer baby-back ribs.

This grill offers the classic compact design in a simple, but solid build. It’s 22-inches wide. It gives you enough space to prepare a decent family meal. Say a Thanksgiving turkey paired with six burgers.

Since this is the premium model, you can expect a few upgrades to the original kettle grill. It includes a built-in thermometer as well as tool hooks.

The value of the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is hard to beat. The only thing we’d have liked to see are bigger wheels.

Weber Summit S-670 – Best Performance

Weber Summit S-670 – Best Performance

Weber Summit S-670 is one of the most expensive Weber grills. If you are a dedicated griller looking for a sleek grill, this model is ideal. It packs six main burners, a side burner, a dedicated sear burner, an infrared rotisserie burner, and a smoker box with a smoke burner.

Weber Summit S-670 totals 60,000 BTUs on its six burners, 10,600 BTUs on the infrared rotisserie burner, and 6,800 BTUs on the smoker box. It offers 838 sq. in. of cooking space and comes in either natural gas or propane gas.

Weber uses stainless steel on most parts including the cooking grates and flavorizer bars. It also features Weber’s Snap-Jet burner ignition system, which allows you to ignite each burner individually using a knob.

You get a 10-year warranty, meaning you will get your money’s worth in the long run.

In short, Weber Summit S-670 offers top-of-the-line features to represent the best attributes of a Weber grill.


We hope this post answers the question, are weber grills worth the money.

Weber offers high-quality and the best price for durability compared to cheap grills. The brand sets itself apart by investing in reliability and customer satisfaction above all else. It’s no wonder most people would rather save up for a Weber than go for the cheaper option.