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About Us.

Outerchef has a wide list of the best BBQ Machines and their accessories. People who are confused about which bbq tools they should buy – this website can be there ultimate solution. 

Why Choose Us?

All of our recommendations are based on vigorous reporting, testing by teams of expert researchers, writers, and real-life users. We do guarantee next-level research that can bring the best product from the market. 

A Few Words About Us

Outerchef is created and maintained by me and some of my friends who do lots of hiking and outdoor campaigns. I still can remember the day when I experienced my first steak at age 11, while on an outdoor campaign at Crystal Lake near Los Angeles. After that, from pool party to outdoor campaign, making steak or bbq with a grill machine became a must-have thing for me. Since then I have bought a lot of bbq machines and accessories and now I can suggest people confidently about any types of grill machines and its essential tools.

Besides, testing new bbq kits become my passions and at the beginning of 2020, I along with my friends decided to launch this website and started to write so that you can buy the right machine for you.  

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Why trust us?

When we are reviewing any bbq grill machine or the accessories, we do not compromise the quality. Whether the product gets more 5 star ratings or not, we first do our analysis with our expert team, collect real-life tester opinions and then make our comment and review. We have a team of very expert and experienced writers and review units who are very familiar with the recent BBQ Grill brands and their technologies. 

We just not only review products but also publish updated information related to hiking, outdoor campaign, bbq party, bbq recipes and many other things that might help a camper a lot.  We just not only aim to get commission by selling products to you, but also aim to ensure the best-suited product you can bring at your home or at your campaigning. So, we publish weekly informative articles to increase your knowledge base. 

Our Mission

Our main mission is to create a one-stop site for outdoor campaigns, bbq party, bbq recipes. On Outerchef, we publish free lessons and recipes about the art of BBQ from A to Z, which includes – the smoking tips, perfect heat, delicious meat cuts, best sauces, and many more.

Besides, we provide unbiased grill machine and its accessories reviews, must-have products for campaign and BBQ party, and all the information about BBQ from basic to advanced level.

We are confident enough to achieve our mission through this website that can be accessed across all PCs and mobile devices. We believe that BBQ adds more meaning to life and enjoyment while you are on an outdoor campaign or in an outdoor party. For us, a world without BBQ smoke is a dull world :p

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